Paint Nite – Drink Creatively

The Mother City is the hub of imaginative thinkers, artists, musicians and every other colourful brush stroke of creativity that one can ponder on, Paint Nite South Africa being in Cape Town has perfectly blended Cape Towns social vibrance with the artistic flare and flamboyance in one awesome evening of superb fun.

Photograph by @paintnitesouthafrica, Instagram.
Photograph by @paintnitesouthafrica, Instagram.

Depending on the location that Paint Nite picks, the cocktails and drinks menu is usually as interestingly phenomenal as the experience. Paint nite is perfect for a friend or two, or even ten, for bachelorettes and birthdays from 20 to 200 guests. Corporate events as well as fundraisers can be organized as well. Not only is the entire experience extremely therapeutic but also a great team building opportunity, with all Paint Nites ending in smiles, laughter and shocked expressions at beautifully created art works.

The tickets are reasonably priced and the experience unforgettably amazing. Whether youre a creative or not, Paint Nite will surely provide a night of epic enjoyment and a painting to hang on your wall at home. So enjoy with a friend or buy that arty friend a gift card and go paint the town multi-coloured.

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