Out of the Box Festival

All forms of art can move mountains, or move all those around a mountain to the nth degree, this is exactly the case when reviewing the incredible Out of the Box Festival in Cape Town. A nine day movement and colourful mind blowing jam packed set of carefully chosen productions which include puppeteers, video displays, various exhibitions of art as well as theatrical productions which include shadow stories and phenomenal sand art with musical movement productions. The Out of the Box Festival is run by National School of the Arts graduate and world renowned puppeteers Aja Marnaweck and Janni Younge. Both have won awards for their inspirational and incredible work, and with these two remarkable minds behind the Out of the Box Festival one can only imagine what sensational brilliance can and has arisen from this important festival.

The aim of the festival is to promote awareness on all cultural levels about an entire array of extremely important subjects which affect not only the adult population in South Africa and all around the world, but especially the children. Many of the productions and exhibitions that are on offer at the Out of the Box Festival are aimed at the children, from the very small to the teenagers. The reason for this is that if you can allow the new generation to learn from beautifully powerful productions such as the Mermaid from Zanzibar which shows the freedom struggle of a young black woman, then you can mould the future into a more promising rainbow nation. However not everything is aimed at the little ones and there are adult only productions such as the divinely morose theatrical piece by FTH:K and the Conspiracy of clowns entitled Kardiavale. Its dark, very dark and delves into the furthest corners of the psyche with no shame or forewarning of what is coming next. It is a beloved piece for its unmatched excellence in story telling and artistic choreography, a definite piece not to be missed.

There are a myriad more phenomenally awe-inspiring productions on the Out of the Box Festival and so far the festival itself has proved to be an incredible success. There are many awards and the chosen productions that are top features are the cream of the crop. The Festival will amaze and inspire as it has done so far, without question. Catch the latest updates on this intensely powerful festival on the Handspring Puppet Companies website www.handspringpuppet.co.za

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