New York Bagels

©Copyright Cape Town SuperbThere is a constant crowd in and out of no. 44 Harrington Street for good reason: it’s the home of New York Bagels. The coffee, by Deluxe Coffeeworks, is full bodied, full flavoured and smooth. Friendly chatter and divine aromas fill the modern quaint inside of New York Bagels. Stylish handwritten menus on chalk boards frame the snow-white walls, whilst comfortably small tables fit perfectly into one side of the shop. Freshly baked bagels are brought from the kitchen to the front, where they are placed into their own display basket.

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The menu has so many tantalizing options that it takes only a few seconds to pinpoint exactly what you will be having, right before changing your mind again. The Macchiato truly hits a coffee connoisseurs’ heartstrings. Now not everything is about the bagel, there are scrumptious soups and the most appetizing cakes as well; the cheesecake is apparently a general favourite. There are a range of bagel options that includes meat-free for the vegetarian; seriously healthy bagels; and for the more indulgent a succulent bagel burger.

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The bagel itself is an art, and at New York Bagels you have a choice between traditional, poppy, sesame, onion or whole wheat. The bagels are hand rolled, boiled and baked fresh. They are, in a bagel lovers opinion: fresh, firm and flavourful even before the toppings are introduced. The fantastic coffee, pristine presentation, great modern vibes and delicious bagels will have you coming back again and again… and again.

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