Names of Past

We mentioned a few weeks back that Bantry Bay and Camps Bay have not always been so named. Clifton, too, has a history behind its name. Around the same time that Botany Bay (now Bantry Bay) was established, what we know as Clifton was called Schoenmakers Gat, or Cobblers Cave. Apparently a Dutch East India Company deserter made his home in a cave in the area and made his living by mending the shoes of farmers who passed by on their way to sell their produce in Cape Town. Sadly, he was eventually caught and returned to the Castle, presumably as a prisoner. A century later, in around 1890, a woman by the name of Bessie Clifton ran the only hotel in the area. Holidaymakers attracted by the wind-free beaches built cottages on the beach, on land leased from the City, and by 1923, 90 cottages had been built at what was by then called Clifton-on-Sea. Over time, the name changed to Clifton. The original beach bungalows were very small, due to being built from the packing cases that conveyed imported motor cars. It was only during the 1990s that the City eventually sold off the leasehold land. Sources: Wikipedia Clinton on Sea Luxury Accom Image: User Typho on Wiki

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