MyCiti Bus Service

Introduced into Cape Town in 2011, the pristinely luxury built MyCiti busses comply with Euro 4 emission standards, therefore minimizing the carbon footprint caused by conventional transport which lessens air pollution. MyCiti is dedicated to making Cape Town an even more environmentally friendly city to live in.

Photograph by rookielokman, InstagramNot only are MyCiti coaches comfortably convenient, but also they are always on time and designed with the passenger’s safety in mind. Every bus is designed to accommodate all walks of life even those with special needs. Disabled, pregnant, young children, elderly and even people who are travelling with luggage, bicycles and prams are all able to use the busses in comfort.

Every person over the age of 4 needs to produce a ‘myconnect card’ to use the MyCiti bus service. The card costs only R30 and money can be loaded onto the card as standard fares or as points with mover packages which reduce the fare rates by 30%, however there are options to buy one way trip cards as well. All cards may be purchased from any of the MyCiti station Kiosks or participating retailers. There is a detailed map of every single retailer offering MyCiti cards on their website.

Photograph by andz.9, InstagramThe extremely easy to navigate website allows you to enter your exact trip information and calculate not only the fares for the journey but also see the exact map on Google maps as well as which terminals the bus will stop at. This is a fantastic service for all those people that are not too familiar with Cape Town or the MyCiti terminals. There is also a fantastic MyCiti mobi-site, that offers you the same convenience to plan your trip and once again calculate your fares.

The MyCiti Shuttle has made an extra effort to always be available to big events happening in Cape Town. There is always up to date information available on the website and every information kiosk has highly professional individuals who are the face of MyCiti providing friendly helpful information always. All the stops are safe and weather resistant so there are no extra worries when needing to catch a MyCiti bus during the rainy season, or in the freezing winter.

Overall MyCiti has taken the cake when dealing with public transport in Cape Town. The efficiency and high class method with which the busses operate puts them above the rest and your every journey is truly made so much more interesting whilst at the same time being extremely safe. Get a MyCiti card today and come travel Cape Town in absolute style.

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