My best Bree Street restaurant is totally on trend

With dozens of great restaurants on the foodie highway in central Cape Town, it’s hard to choose just one favourite. But not for Matthew Ibbotson, publisher of web-based food magazine ‘Crush Online’…

One of my favourite spots is a place called Charango. Bree Street is the street to be on for good food, and this is one of the best.

It’s all about Nikkei cuisine, a blend of Japanese and Peruvioan influences.

It’s a style of food I’m really enjoying and it’s trending. At Charango the décor is amazing and tables spill out onto the street. It’s got a great vibe.

My favourite dish is definitely the seared tuna tataki; it’s a really delicious option. The prawn tostado with ponzu dressing is also really interesting, and they do tuna tacos, which are great. I also loved the way most dishes come with salsas and dips, offering small flavour bursts on the side.

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