Mother City Skydiving

Mother City SkydivingSober and willing, you are strapped up and all the paperwork is signed. On the fixed-wing, propeller whirring and its take off. This is where the adrenaline begins to build up and the butterflies furiously flutter. It is only high above the clouds, when Cape Town looks like a beautiful quilt of greens, yellows and blues, that it’s time to turn and face feeling the freedom of flying. With a highly trained professional strapped to your back, you jump. There is no way to describe the feeling of skydiving, it is something that must be experienced. Tandem jumping is the safest way to experience skydiving, whether you are a complete neophyte or it’s your twentieth time. With a highly-trained professional, there is really nothing to worry about other than to feel the wind rushing into your face as the colours below you find form, and the ground gets closer.

Mother City SkydivingMother City Skydiving is filled with full-time air sports professionals. They jump all year round, some of them every single day but all of them truly love to fly! If you are thinking about skydiving then Mother City Skydiving is the best option in Cape Town, with industry competitive rates, fantastic packages including transport and the greatest vibey team of professionals ever! As long as you are 18 years and older, or have your parents consent, medically you are fit to jump, weigh less than 100kg, you should be good to jump. Anything with spikes, hooks, pointy heels, and fancy jewellery etc. Is not advisable on the jump. Remember most of all that skydiving is an unforgettable rush, a life changing experience of the most exhilarating fun that you will ever have, so enjoy it, and make sure to choose the video package.

Mother City Skydiving does not only do Tandem jumps and invite professional skydivers to join them 7 days a week to join the great vibe for some awesome jumps and spectacular views. Remember that all operations are structured around bookings, and most importantly atmospheric conditions. Mother City Skydiving reserve the right to turn anyone away that is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Make your booking today EMAIL and take the dive!

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