Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Cape Town is renowned for being quite fickle when it comes to shopping for fashion, food and anything trendy. So the fact that Stefania Morland’s studio and shop has been open for a decade is testament to the staying power of this local luxury fashion and ready-to-wear brand.

The petite designer’s equally petite corner studio on Kloof Street, set amongst trendy restaurants, cafés, antique stores and hairdressing salons, is overflowing with some of the most detailed and luxurious designs in Cape Town. The dreamlike pieces, studded with intricate beading, sequins and other dazzling adornments, are hand-stitched in the studio that adjoins the shop.

There’s a sense of fantasy in her designs, like the stuff of ethereal queens and princesses, brought to life every season at the various fashion weeks she participates in. From colourful full skirts, to luxurious silk and tulle garments, Stephania Morland is known to design timeless, playful pieces that can be worn in various ways, giving customers the freedom to get creative.

The first floor of the shop showcases the slightly less formal yet still utterly glamorous garments, while the gowns, dresses and stand-out pieces can be found up the curved staircase. The rails of beautiful garments will have you browsing for ages – a perfect morning out if you’re in the market for a show-stopping piece.

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