Long Beach

Long beach is precisely what the name suggests… a very, very long beach. However, Long beach is not only a pristinely white sanded beach of heartfelt serenity but also one of the most epic sites to dive along the coast of the Cape Peninsula. The entire area is beautifully scattered with an intense amount of interesting and beautiful fish that are not common to the area at all, as well as an amazing marine life of colourful vibrancy, there are also several small wrecks that along with the winter visibility which is the best is an awesome adventure to experience.

The ocean floor is scattered with many loose rocks in beautifully erosion beaten shapes, there are hundreds of bits and bobs from the wreckage as well as other weird and wonderful things.The pipeline that runs perpendicular to the shoreline is a great indication of where to find the wreck of an unnamed small steel barge, which lies at the south end of the beach. The most well-known wreck amongst the dozen others found in this area is that of the SS Kakapo which ploughed full steam ahead into the beach in May 1900. The SS Kakapo’s demise was due to miscalculation, poor visibility in the hours of dusk and the captain believing he was at Cape Point, not a soul was hurt or died but left the SS Kakapo stranded which made for some intensely interesting movie and photographic backdrops, as well as wondrous pieces of inspiration to allow the imagination to drift into tales of pirates…

Long Beach has a tarred parking lot and there is always adequate parking space, there are toilets and outdoor beach showering facilities available. It is quite often that horse riders frequent the long beach and horse riding on the beach is one of the greatest pastimes in the early morning or evening. A note to divers is that there are often seals present and if you are a diver you would know the pest a seal can be on a dive once it has befriended you, so that is something to look out for. There are no other real intense dangers except the fact that blue bottles or Portuguese man ‘o war’ is sometimes get swept into the bay area by southeasterly winds. Furthermore, this is an incredibly beautiful beach with enough inspiration to fill a library or ten. If you are the quiet thinker then this is definitely a beach to be visiting.

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