Along the magnificently breathtaking coastal drive of Cape Town one finds the awesomely beautiful prestigious suburb of llandudno. It is home to one of the most incredible beach, llandudno Beach. If you are looking for exquisite property at one of the heftiest prices available in the mother city then llandudno is the place to come and view.

Llandudno besides being one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods in Cape Town, is built on the edge of the sea shore, most of these phenomenally Hollywood replica estates are a stone throw away from the magnificent ocean. The estates which are intensely awe-inspiring, each one being built uniquely with the most luxurious living in mind, range in price between R11 500 000  to something like R55 000 000. However the prices are due to the unbelievably pristine splendor with which these houses, villas, estates and heavenly properties are crafted with.

It is known to be one of the only suburbs where there are no street lights, no shops, and absolutely no commercial activities whatsoever. The residents of llandudno are a mixture of overseas investors who have bought into this suburb for holiday getaways, local capetonian millionnaires and then of course the secretive elite who wish not to be known and thoroughly enjoy the secretive life that llandudno provides. Llandudno is also surrounded by large granite boulders, which are also found along the beaches right along the coastline. The Table Mountain range of The Twelve Apostles also overlooks this peacefully exclusive area of the mother city.

Llandudno is also known as an awesomely epic surfing spot due to the currents and intense waves that are found on llandudno beach, however the experience of surfing here can be rather treacherous and even though it is strongly manned by the llandudno Surf Lifesaving Club there has been more than one incident along the coastline of the llandudno area. Caution is definitely advised when attempting to brave the waves at the heavenly llandudno beach.

All of Cape Town is known for being an extremely expensive area to buy property and live in long term, however the costly price tag on llandudno is definitely well worth it, youre paying for your own ticket into heaven on earth surrounded by perfect beauty and epic location of one of the most beautiful cities in all of the world, Cape Town. So if you have the millions, take a drive and certainly keep llandudno in mind.

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