Listen out for Noonday Gun – 12 Sharp

The all too familiar boom that sounds precisely at 12 noon everyday in Cape Town, except Sundays and Public Holidays. The boom reverberates with a deep echo through the skyscrapers and smaller buildings of the City Bowl, it is one of those things that the locals have become used too, the days would be incomplete without the reminder that half the day is gone.

There are two canon at Signal Hill’s Lion Battery, the main gun and the backup. One is more than welcome to go and watch the two tonne green gun firing 1.5kg of gunpowder daily except Sundays and Public Holidays. The South African Navy who have ownership of the Lion Battery do a fabulous presentation from 11h30, informing the public on the history around the firing of the Noon Gun.

Interestingly enough it is believed that these two canon were used in the Battle of Muizenberg and there original housing place was near the Castle of Good Hope, being housed at the Imhoff Battery. They were moved from the Castle by ox-wagon in 1902, and have been fired more than 62000 times.

It is a site to see and hear. Definitely a must experience for all that visit Cape Town, including those locals who have never seen it up close. The views from Signal Hill are also definitely worth it and if making it an excursion, why not take a picnic basket with, or catch the City Sightseeing red double decker bus between 5:30 and 6pm outside the Two Oceans Aquarium for a 3 hour tour up Signal Hill where you can watch the breathtaking sunset and return before dark.

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