Monday, March 19, 2018
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Just like sunsets and sunrises the moon also puts on a superb show most nights in Cape Town. Cape Town has a uniquely spectacular way to see the moon and it costs nothing to do.

Lions Head, so named because from a distance the mountain looks like the head of a lion watching over Cape Town, is a popular peak to climb. The climb follows one of a handful of dedicated paths that have been established over the last few decades to make climbing to the top that bit easier and safer.

Setting out either just as is or with an organised party the climb up to see the full moon starts in the late afternoon or early evening just as the sun is setting. Carrying some warm clothing and something to eat or drink along the way the gentle climb begins. Strong shoes need to worn and unlike a number locals to quite literally run to the top of Lions Head and then sprint back down there is no rush. As the climb get steeper the ropes, chains and ladders built in to the rock make climbing easier and the pace slows as you draw near to the top.

At the top the surface is flat with ample place for anyone to find a comfortable spot to sit and just soak up the beauty of Cape Town at night. As you sit the moon rises over the mountain and over the city and bathes the place where you are sat in delicate moon light. This spectacular natural event happens about once a month and on a clear night there is something mesmerising about the experience. As the moon rises the sight is romantic and even haunting and for a few precious moments you feel totally at peace with yourself and the world.

The moon rising over Lions Head has seen many couples propose and there really is something very romantic in the entire experience. If you are planning to propose and want to do it somewhere different with the absolute maximum of romance the climb to the top of Lions Head for see the moon rise is about as romantic as you can get an worth every step of the climb.

Some people will camp out all night and wait for sun to rise the next morning but most make their way down to the bottom after a short but welcome rest at the top of the peak. Gingerly making ones way down with the assistance of other climbers the memory of the moon will never be erased. The walk down at night is slower and as the path becomes less steep and widens you cannot help but look back up to the top as the moon casts its shadow over the mountain you have just climbed.

There are regular Lions Head climbs that are organised and lead by experienced hikers, Meet-Up groups often post their next climb on the various websites and going in an organised tour is recommended. Don’t be put off by the climb, the view and especially a full moon is very much worth the effort.


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