light up your life with hand crafted lanterns

We think these gorgeous lanterns are pretty special. So much so that not only did we buy some, we had to share with our readers.

They are hand crafted with a rustic finish in either chrome or rust and add character indoors and out. The most popular size is 240mm (h) by 200mm (w) – seen far left above and below), as it can be mounted or suspended and used to add stylish warmth to any dinner table, including al fresco dining. Price for this size is R750 per lantern, which includes shipping.

The recommended low volatility and low ignition 140C flash point oil has added citronella, which keeps mozzies at bay – ideal for balmy summer evenings. The fuel costs R95 for 2l and R175 for 5L. To give you an idea of consumption, 300ml of fuel has a burn time of 36 hours. The wicks are adjustable from inside the burning cap, which stops unwanted access to the flame.

Added bonus: the lanterns are wind and rain proof!

So now that we’ve shared all the good news, you may be forgiven for wondering what the catch is. There isn’t one, except for the fact that they are not available in retail outlets – the real price one pays for limited edition, hand crafted design.

That said, you can order via B-guided. Email and he will send you all the necessary info.

Light up your life with stylish, hand crafted design.

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