Kiba Tours – Wineland Wonder

The entire world knows the wines that the Cape Winelands produces are by far the favourites of many a palette. To experience the totality of the Cape Winelands and manage to get all the best experiences can be an arduous one if done alone, but when done through Kiba Tours, voted #1 Tour operator in Cape Town on, there’s magic waiting to tantalise your senses.

There is an option to either take the full day or half day tour, to explore the fantastical wines nested in the magnificence of the local scenery which is the Cape Winelands. The tours begin at the genesis of the wine route that started in 1971, a local wine farm in Stellenbosch, this exquisite setting is home to masters of champagne and sparkling wines. The tour also meanders through the rich historical streets of Stellenbosch, taking some time to marvel at the tales showcased within the Stellenbosch Village.

The second point in the tour is the same place where the French Hugenouts settled 300 years ago. Before taking the Franschoek Wine Tram, which is an epic journey in itself, guests will stop at one of the many renowned wine farms in the area. The Hugenout Memorial is the next stop and is a fabulous tick on the bucket list tourists and locals alike. Last is sometimes left for the best and in this instance Paarl, the last stop is definitely the best, being the biggest town in the Cape Winelands. Guests will make a stop at one of the finest wine farms in the area as well as have a chance to see the town and finally visit Victor Vester which was former President Nelson Mandelas prison at one stage.

The Wineland Tour is something special and intricately planned so that you may enjoy the cream of the crop of the Cape Winelands, with a little bit of extra. Kiba Tours have the highest skilled tour guides available and their friendly natures make every tour incredible. Tourists and locals alike should find themselves on a Kiba Tour because it’s the professionals that hold the keys to the little divine secrets of everything magical in Cape Town. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the excitement and wonder.

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