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Jeannie Indi: Inspirations

She is ever present, even in man’s least hospitable of fabrications she unfurls through the tiniest of cracks to stretch her budding life. Her seas and earth try their best to hide our indiscretions and wasteful dispossessions. She calms the restless soul with moments of blissful solitude, and invites us to take a closer look to discover the constant scurrying and flow. Surrender yourself to her and allow her to nurture you.

I try not to think or conceptualize when creating as I feel that it inhibits the flow. I do not take photographs, but rather am given still moments that are only truly revealed on reflection, and selected when they imbue an emotion.

The process of illustrating is for me a form of meditation, whereby I allow myself to be swept away, flowing with the patterns revealed. On closer look every entity is exquisitely patterned and connected through detailed patterns. When illustrating, I try to bring nature’s patterns to the surface and reveal my feel of her intricate plot. I am fascinated and mesmerized by nature’s delicacies. ”

My intentions are always to discover my purpose though the exploration and hopeful preservation of nature. I hope that through inspired moments I am able to reflect her magic to others.”

Exhibition opens Friday, 28 October, 2011 at 6pm.

021 422 4413
67 Rose street, Bo-kaap


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