Jason Bakery spreads its sourdough wings

Jason Lilley, the closest thing Cape Town has to a celebrity baker, is spreading his flour-dusted sourdough wings with a new bakery in Loop Street.

If you’re on the low-carb sugar-free Banting diet, close your eyes and go back to your kale smoothie.

Jason Lilley, the baker behind the acclaimed Jason Bakery on ever-trendy Bree Street, is opening a new outlet towards the bottom of Loop Street. Number 33 to be exact.

Loop Street may be the unlovely cousin between party-central Long Street and hipster-heaven Bree Street in the centre of Cape Town, but it is slowly tapping into the city’s burgeoning food trend with the likes of The Village Idiot bar bringing a touch of craft beer and artisan food to the lower reaches of the city centre.

Happily, Jason’s new spot is right opposite The Village Idiot, so you can revive yourself the morning after the night before.

If you’re not familiar with Jason Lilley, he’s the man who made Cape Town locals drool with his butter-rich croissants. Or was it the lobster rolls? Or the fresh sourdough? No, no; it was the pies crafted with Wagyu beef. Don’t be ridiculous, it was the chocolate brownies.

You get the idea; Lilley has the Midas touch when it comes to flour, turning the humble bakery into a Parthenon of pastry. Stop the presses, grab your flat whites and sing it with me people: bacon croissants. Enough said.

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