Issi magic in Cape Town

So there I was sitting at this tiny undisclosed coffee shop with a deep frown and a raw tongue. I decided I wasn’t going to take this terrible service anymore and stormed out…

A little way further in Bree St. I heard chattering and laughter and smelled the well known aroma of an excellent brew. I walked in and I have never been happier to have burned my tongue at a coffee shop in my life, else I would never have found the treasure that Issi is.

The coffee is prize, its only the best of The Coffee Initiative, which in my eyes is an incredible heartfelt company that know their beans! There is high speed Wi-Fi and the sensational coffee coupled with Wi-Fi alone makes my morning a far better experience. However that is not all that makes Issi magic, its not only the fantastic vibe and ridiculously awesome service that made me decide Issi was a place of exceptional note…

They love books too, and have a fantastic book exchange, allowing the public to pick up a book and take it home to read and return or return a book they believe will be a genuine treasure to someone else. So here on no. 130 Bree St. lies a gem of extraordinary proportions, a true coffee-reading-techno lovers utopia.

Did I mention the exquisite food? The menu is small but the dishes are delightfully flavorful and what’s more is they have ‘all day breakfast’ as well. However the roasted butternut and feta salad has the ability to tantalize your taste buds beyond description, I think its definitely the citrus and ginger dressing!

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