How to get the cameras clicking at the J&B Met

Fashion designer Richard Huisamen offers some pointers on how to pull off a winning look at the annual J&B Met, the most glamorous horse racing event on Cape Town’s calendar.

The J&B Met is one of the most over-the-top events on South Africa’s fashion calendar. Where other events tend to build on a rather low-key style, the Met has, over the years, developed into an event where people really experiment and push some boundaries in fashion. The clothes tend to be brighter, the dresses shorter and the hats bigger! This is one event where no one wants to fade away and everyone competes for attention.

So you’re guaranteed great fashion hits — and maybe even a few misses… If you want to make a grand entrance in a winning ensemble that’ll get you noticed, remember that it’s all in the fit, and how you pull it off.  But don’t even think of rocking up in your matric dance dress or a bridesmaid’s dress.  Anything in taffeta is also totally inappropriate. It is a special fun day — get something new and work with the theme!

Remember, a dress or suit that fits well is always a winner, so if it’s especially been made for you, you’re good to go… One outfit that stands out in my memory is a very short gold dress Top Billing presenter Jeannie G once wore that looked like it was made out of feathers — almost like she had wings coming out of her back — and that was quite striking.

Don’t neglect the finishing touches like shoes that complement your outfit, and carefully chosen accessories like great sunglasses, well-styled hair and a fantastic hat is almost essential in finishing a look. Top that with a great smile and you, too, can knock them out!

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