How Tantra can transform your life

Valentina Leo is one of only two teachers in Cape Town presenting a rather unique approach to yoga through traditional Indian tantra. While many people think tantra is only about sex—or improving your sex life—Traditional Tantra Yoga is about so much more. It’s about building strength, gaining clarity and achieving bliss in everyday life. Leo shares more about what practicing Traditional Tantra Yoga has done for her.

Tantra has the amazing ability to reveal the Essential Truth in an astonishingly short time—maybe even in a weekend. The retreats I offer are designed to initiate you into the timeless wisdom of Tantra whilst gently expanding your sense of personal identity and allowing the intimate meeting with your sacred, true Self.

From this place, personal wisdom naturally arises. Traditional Tantra Yoga is an āsana practice rooted in the wisdom of the Vedas and the healing science of Ayurveda—specifically it is part of the Kaula Shaivite philosophy. It has truly changed my life and the way I sense my purpose as a human being. I’ve learned to let go of unnecessary, unconscious tension in the body and mind so I can optimise my every movement. Slowly but surely it has taught me to relax in the midst of chaos—pretty much every day!

I’ve learned to embrace stillness as the essence of my actions, and to live in the world with the backdrop of infinity. On the mat I’ve experienced bliss as my True Nature, while in life I’ve learned to express love as my True Purpose. In Sanskrit there’s a word vismayo, that approximately translates as “fascinating wonder”. For me this word holds the profound essence of the teachings I’ve received from this practice—meeting myself in every moment with fascinated wonderment.

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