hey brew, artisan coffee on the move!

How awesome is this? A team of vendors serving great artisan coffee to caffeine-deprived Capetonians at a deliciously affordable price. So how does it work? Hey Brew shares the deets.

We percolate our freshly ground coffee over a gas flame and it is immediately transferred to specialized high-pressure, super-insulated canisters. These are given to the Hey•Brew Baristas who have one mandate: to bring a fresh, hot cup of real coffee to consumers who want just that. The insulated canisters are capable of keeping the product hot for up to 4 hours but to stay safe we have a 90 minute product turnover, regardless of sales.

We don’t offer skinny vanilla lattes. We know our customers want real coffee that is actually on-the-go. No waiting in lines! So all our Hey•Brew Baristas ask is… “Black or White?”

The cups and sleeves are made from compostable material and the used coffee grind is stored and taken to Greenpop for use as fertilizer. It’s only a small contribution but we believe that it’s the small stuff that leads to real change.

The baristas are mobile, so while they are in the same spot every morning from Monday to Friday, they could be anywhere in the evenings and on weekends!

We love innovative businesses that create employment and offer benefits like share options that help employees grow with the brand. We love that the cups and sleeves are made from compostable material. We love that we can feed our fix on the go. We love the coffee. Way to go, guys.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to see when and where they’re in your hood.

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