Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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There are a myriad ways of seeing the incredible panorama that the mother city has to offer, however a helicopter ride in Cape Town is one of the most exhilarating of all. Many people do not appreciate a helicopter ride due to the roaring buzz that most helicopters produce, however it has been found that Cape Town Helicopters boasts the most quiet helicopters in its field.

Cape Town has so many divinely magnificent areas that make up the giant quilt of its awe-inspiring being, one really does not absorb or fathom the gravity of all this incredible beauty until you’re in the hands of a highly experienced pilot in an EC130 high up above in the eagles playground. If you have never experienced flying in a helicopter then it might be a fair thing to attempt to explain here that it feels absolutely nothing like flying in an plane. A helicopter flight is something akin to standing still in the clouds, one does not feel like you’re actually moving but you are, its extremely different to any other flying experience, yet for some it is the most preferred.

The EC130 sports a fantastic full window view in the front which for the pilot and passenger in the front feels like one is walking in the sky. If you put your feet a little forward where the window starts, just mind the pedals, then there is the fairytale illusion that one is walking out on thin air above the intensely magnificent impressiveness of all that is the vista of Cape Town. The helicopter, especially the EC130 can move rather fast whilst being stealthily quiet and the experience is truly thrilling. There is a gap in the Table Mountain Range which allows you to fly over Constantia Village with the most mind-blowing estates and absolute natural splendor, however the houses are not the magic alone, it is flying in between the mountain and the feeling that one could reach out and touch one of the peaks of Table Mountain, green and gracefully exquisite in its heavenly presence.

So when choosing to view one of the most beautiful cities in the world from the air, you could choose over twenty different methods however choosing to fly in a helicopter, especially the EC130 offered by Cape Town Helicopters is without a moment of doubt one of the safest, sturdiest yet most thrilling experiences that there is.

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