Gun Fun Indoor Shooting Range

Accommodating both handgun and Rifle (AK47) shooting in a state of the art indoor environment, Gun Fun Indoor Shooting Range caters for gun enthusiasts, gun hobbyists, sportsmen and law enforcement professionals alike.

Besides the special packages for the most exceptional shooting experience around such as the:

  • The 007 Package
  • Team Building Package
  • Femme Fatale
  • Kids Save the World
  • Corporate Experience
  • SWAT Package
  • Save the Rhino

Gun Fun offers in depth training and excellent courses by highly proficient, friendly and professional staff to the public:

  • Beginners Course for the first time shooter.
  • Proficiency Course – Required by law to apply for a firearm license.
  • Advanced Shooting.
  • Ladies self defense – includes the use of pepper spray, improvised weapons and firearms.

Apart from the excellently priced packages and comprehensively structured courses and training, Gun Fun’s venue is really an exception to other shooting ranges, employing only the best sound proofing materials as well as a ventilation system that makes it feel as though it is as fresh as the outdoors. For an incredible shooting experience or simply to up your game, Gun Fun Indoor Shooting Range is the best choice.

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