Go ahead, turn up the volume at a silent disco

The latest in a string of novel events in Cape Town, Silent Disco has been taking the city by storm. Here’s where to go to experience the thrill.

Cape Town has been hit by a craze taking Europe by storm – the Silent Disco. If the concept sounds strange to you that’s because it is, but chances are you’re going to have the best time once you get started.

On a Silent Disco night you can rent a pair of headphones, and switch between the three channels on offer, which feature three DJs each playing different music. You can dance the night away – or laugh the night away as your friend dances next to you to music you can’t hear. So while you’re busy swaying to a Bob Marley jam, the person next to you might be doing their best AC/DC impersonation.

For the past two summers regular Silent Discos have been held at the quirky-cool Octopus Garden Restaurant & Wine Bar in St James, along the False Bay coastline. Here the Silent Discos take place outside in the courtyard under the stars, which adds to the unique sensory experience of the evening.

If the Deep South is off your radar (even though it really isn’t that far from town), then check out Silent Discos at Beerhouse on Long Street in the city centre, held every second Thursday of the month.

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