Gin and Tonic Festival in Cape Town

It’s a festival not to be missed, small and not as widespread as it should be, with an air of exclusivity, the Cape Town G&T Festival is happening on the 30th January 2016. Tickets are limited, so you better gin and hurry and book your tumbler and seat in time.

Gin and Tonic or Dry Lemon is a great love of many, but not all of these lovers know the origins of their favourite beverage. A 16th Century Dutch Physician, Franciscus Sylvius de Bouve is the man connected to the hazy origins of gin. He created a medicinal drink which contained high volumes of alcohol, herbs and specifically added Juniper berries to mask the taste and add additional health benefits, calling the drink which evolved into Gin, Jenever. The mixture however of Gin and Tonic was introduced by a man known only as Carl of the British East India Company. Whilst in India the soldiers had a massive problem with Malaria, and found that Quinine was a brilliant way to deter the mosquitoes, however the taste was vile. Mixing it with water, sugar and lime, with a dash of Gin made the taste bearable and this was the origin of the first Gin and Tonic.

Both Johannesburg and Cape Town are showcasing this fantastic festival. Cape Town’s festival is being held at the Mason’s Press in Woodstock. The Masons Press in Woodstock is an excellent venue to visit in any case, with the awesome collection of delectable coffee shops and eateries, with small businesses surrounded by modern classical styled architecture and open Mondays to Fridays between 9am – 4pm.

Get your ticket and come and sample the finest concoctions of the well known spirit, created by the most experienced gin-smiths known to man. There will be fabulous scrumptious dishes on offer as well, so come hungry.

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