Fun activities in Cape Town

A peculiar thing about the mother city is that its filled to the brim with exciting, exhilirating, breath takingly epic things to do. Make sure that even if you’re a local, you own a camera, even if it’s a small one so that you can keep the memories that will without a doubt be made. Cape Town has the luxury of having both the beautiful ocean as well as the tranquil forest and mountain scenery, and this is perhaps the reason that it is filled with endless awesomeness.

Woodstocking: Woodstock has evolved from ‘that place that one should not be caught alone in’ to the hub of the creative consciousness. The buildings have been recoated to invite the minds and hearts of the artistic souls, as well as offering an array of exceptionally enticing market places and upmarket coffee shops and small grouped in shopping centres. Woodstock has become home to the new office space with a myriad modern and spaciously decorated areas that are becoming home to the top names in business and art. Places to visit are namely The Old Biscuit Mill, which has excellent food on offer, markets and events always happening and quaint shops to excite every being. The Woodstock Exchange is another phenomenal place, with gigantic sculptures set in between the restaurants and vintage shops to inspire even the most uninspired.

Greenmarket Square: If you want to find the hub of African trading, scattered with European styled stalls in between the Greenmarket square is the market to go to. Framed by coffee shops and the buzz of the city bowl, this market has everything you could ever look for in a flea market. The entire area around the Greenmarket Square is filled with little places where the hidden gems of Cape Town are sold, including the Ancient Walkway just off Long Street, it is said that there is an old Scottish man who has travelled the world extensively and if you ask him very nicely he will tell you tales that start with ancient rabbit foot charms, to the outlandish sea faring tales that brought him to the shores of Cape Town.

Coastline Cruising: Along the coast, starting in Sea Point Beach road, you can take a drive, right past the 4 amazing Clifton beaches, passing through the upmarket mosaic of beauty that is Camps Bay. Driving on to grace the newly renovated Victoria road which is set under the overlooking Twelve Apostles, that contain the most amazing hiking trails. Driving onto Houtbay make sure that you definitely do not miss doing two things, the first being a stoll on the Hout Bay beach, which really has the best swimming experience on the coast. The second is enjoying a deliciously old school snoek and ‘slap chips’ at the Dungeons Café down in the harbour. It’s a small café but it has the best most traditional fish and chips in Cape Town.

Cape Town offers so many awe-inspiring things, such as a trip in the famous 360 rotating cable way car that goes up to the top of Table Mountain and down again. There is paragliding, whale watching, shark diving, penguin meeting and that is not even remotely mentioning the exquisite wine tasting routes or the shopping experiences that are to be had. Cape Town is the hub of everything that the entire world has to offer in one city.

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