Full contact! Top fight nights in Cape Town

Looking for your fix of fisticuffs or the best of the brawls? If it is blood, sweat, and tears you’re after – vicariously, from the safety of the spectator’s seat, of course – it doesn’t get much better than these Cape Town gyms and leagues. Fight! Fight! Fight!

A fight night in Cape Town is a lot like a night at the theatre. In both cases, you’re paying for a performance. Sure, there’ll probably be a little more blood and possibly broken bones at fight nights, but no one cares if you shout at the actors. Much like the theatre, you don’t know if you’ll enjoy it until you’ve actually been.

If you want the lowdown of every fighting event taking place around the city, including the more obscure grappling tournaments, we suggest you follow the Cape Town Sight Scene on Facebook, but if your interest is a little more casual, check out one of the following…

The Armoury

If you’re looking to dabble in a little boxing spectatorship, but aren’t quite ready for the intensity of the professionals, White Collar fight nights are a good place to start, and The Armoury in Woodstock knows how to put on a good show.

White Collar fight nights pit regular folk – those who have day jobs, but a passion for boxing – against one another in the ring. The bouts are shorter (three two-minute rounds) and the fighters are protected by 16-ounce gloves, head guards, mouth guards and groin guards, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t get brutal when the fighters step into the ring.

Added bonus: You get to watch that annoying guy from sales get his ass kicked.

Cape Fight League

Once a month, the Cape Fight League hosts an event to showcase the talent of Cape Town fighters. The events, which cover boxing, K1 and MMA and take place at different venues across the city, give both amateurs and professionals the opportunity to compete with fighters from around the country.

Think scantily clad ring girls, a crowd thirsting for blood and a night full of adrenalin-pumping bouts. Tickets will set you back between R100 and R200, depending on how close you want to get to the ring.

PFC Promotions

As if a night of bloody fights weren’t already edgy and cool, the PFC Promotions events take place in a prison. In a prison. Okay, fine, not really. Prison adjacent – in the Goodwood Correctional Services recreational hall. But still, pretty badass.

The PFC Promotions events, which have been around for three years, take place twice a year (although they are looking to have four events in 2017). The events cover boxing, K1 and MMA. For the professional fights, there are a few title belts and trophies up for grabs, which means that you can expect some top-notch fights. If you want a good seat, you’ll have to pitch up early and sit through all the amateur fights at the beginning of the evening.

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