Fly over Robben Island

Robben Island is one of South Africa’s extremely rich iconic sites, and it belongs solely to Cape Town. It is very true when people say viewing the world from the air and from the ground are two comprehensively different experiences. Even though Robben Island is known and made famous for the fact that the Father of the Rainbow Nation, late president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was kept prisoner there, it has so much more history, and all this history can be viewed from the air, coupled with a hugely exhilarating experience.

To be able to fly across the seemingly small island in a helicopter cannot be described accurately enough for you to be able to comprehend the absolute beauty and enthralling panorama that has Table Mountain in the backdrop, it must be experienced first hand. A knowledgeable pilot is a necessity to ensure that you know exactly what you’re looking at, as well as gaining a full house experience from the trip. At Cape Town Helicopters, the pilots are not only excellent pilots but friendly, efficient guides as well, and they know the aerial terrain like they know their flying and have no qualms about filling in their passengers with excellent in depth information.

When flying over Robben Island you will have the great pleasure of viewing iconic spots from this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Interestingly enough Robben Island was used as the union coastal defense and have a high concentration of scattered WW2 sites, which the pilots outline and mention in detail, giving you phenomenal background. To the untrained eye, the aerial view of Robben Island does not look like much, however there is a great list of places such as the Limestone Quarry, and the Leper Cemetery. There is also the huge maximum security prison as well as the church of Good hope which was built by the lepers on Robben Island for the lepers of the island to use. You can see Robert Sobukwes House, the primary school as well as the Guest House which was in fact the house used by the commissioner of the island and built in 1895.

Taking the ferry and foot tour is rather tiring and takes up almost an entire day, whereas the helicopter voyage shows you all the amazing shipwrecks that scatter the islands shoreline as well as every other major iconic spot. If you want the most experienced pilots and guides with all the knowledge on hand then definitely take a helicopter trip over Robben Island with Cape Town Helicopters. Whether you venture out to discover the history of Robben Island on foot and ferry or by helicopter make sure when you’re in Cape Town, not to miss seeing the incredible Robben Island.

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