Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Photograph by @flycapetown, Instagram

Photograph by @flycapetown, Instagram

With a sense of liberated sovereignty, you dance the wind currents, not a sound unnatural to Mother earth, your eyes touching every corner of the Mother City and beyond It’s the freedom, the surge and flow of adrenaline and utter bewilderment at the indescribable beauty of the big below. Fly Cape Town Paragliding is the answer to having this experience, over and over again.

Highly experienced paragliding pilots, the highest-grade equipment available and the friendliest service around, Fly Cape Town paragliding is the first choice when choosing to fly. The average air-time is approximately 20min, it all depends on the weather conditions, however the pilots at Fly Cape Town Paragliding prefer the sky to the ground and so you will always get the maximum amount of time possible. Fly Cape Town Paragliding has a perfect package for those who wish for prolonged air-time, the Cross Country Tandem Paragliding package will provide approximately 45min of flying varied distances dependent on weather conditions. In-flight paragliding photography and videography is now possible with your pilot being equipped with a wide-angle digital camera mounted on an extendable monopod. Not only are the incredible scenes captured but also dozens of photographs of you up in the clouds, high above Cape Town. The cost of this extra-added bonus is a mere R250.

Photograph by @flycapetown, Instagram

Photograph by @flycapetown, Instagram

Fly Cape Town Paragliding also offer all the courses needed to either paraglide alone or become an excellent paragliding pilot. They are licensed by The SAHPA (South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) and all courses are carried out professionally and with your safety as a number one priority.

There are many wondrous experiences to be had in life, however paragliding is truly one of those breath-taking unforgettable adrenaline rushing experiences that you will keep close to your heart forever, so contact Fly Cape Town Paragliding or buy a voucher for someone you know would love to fly.


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