festive inspiration from olive green cat

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Olive Green Cat is a collection of hand crafted, contemporary pieces by Ida Elsje, Philippa Green & Situ Diamond.
  • The store in Church Street is open until 9pm tonight as part of First Thursday.

Now, feast your eyes on the stunning pieces below. We think you will agree that words are no longer necessary.

ida elsje DEC.O ring

ida elsje chunky bronze rings

ida elsje hand engraved bronze bangles

philippa green luminous orange cuff with embroidery cotton

philippa green brown copper cuff

philippa green black perspex cuff with silver strips

philippa green bronze pyrite ring

philippa green bronze rings with Indian stamp and turquoise button

situ refracted dust collection faceted ring; diamond suspended in resin

situ balls & leathers collection bangles; diamonds in resin

situ balls & leathers collection rings; diamonds in resin

021 424 1102
76 Church St, Cape Town

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