Famous Long Street

Long Street, Cape Town. By day, the myriad bookshops and little corner cafes with their individually pleasing personalities are just as enticing as the night life Long Street has to offer. When the sun is high in the sky, there is the antique arcade with its tiny shops containing its trove of treasures; from books to fill the fantasies of every mind, to pocket watches, Scottish rabbit tail charms, large Indonesian Buddhas and even Victorian style costumes. There are coffee aromas filling the air as you walk down the street, dancing from every cafe inviting you to come and sample its specific perfections. There is eye candy everywhere your eyes look. Not a corner without a paragon, not a door without a tale or two to tell…

When the sun sets and the stars come out to kiss Capetonians good evening, the night life of Long Street wakes up, stretches and greets all who come to visit. There are pubs and clubs and VIP doors with no names. Backpackers and Lodges and sleepy hollows to rest a weary head. There are restaurants in between with dinners to dine on like the rich and famous, and cafes to grab a simple bite to eat. The music is diverse like the people, drifting into the ears and souls of passerby’s, in Long Street there is a place for everyone’s taste.

Long Street is taken to start from Adderley Street upward towards Gardens, there are an array of places to visit, day or night but here are some must visit places along the way:

The Dubliner:

Long Streets very own Authentic Irish pub, and as they say “Where food, live music and hospitality become one.” The food is great, the atmosphere even greater. With events ranging from acoustic bands, DJ’s and your all round Sporting events, this is one place to visit without a doubt. Check out there fabulous website here http://dubliner.co.za/

Revolution Skateboard Supply Company:

From kick ass clothing to headwear, footwear, long boards, cruizers and all the nitty gritty in between, Revolution is a skaters dream. Walk into the shop and its jaw dropping, there’s a little something of everything. Labels to drool over, so make sure your wallet comes packed and ready. http://www.revolution.co.za

Zula Sound Bar:

Live poetry evenings and DJ’s, music is always the name of the game. Long Streets ‘Zula’ is an extremely popular hangout, and they are never quiet. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and exciting specials all year round https://www.facebook.com/Zulasoundbar/

Second Time Around:

Now second hand shops are not everyone’s thing, but Second Time Around is more than hand me down, its more like you have stepped into a time machine, clocked it a few hundred years back and voila, shoes, hats, bags, trinkets and tiny little things that have eloquent names and purposes… one can spend hours in this little shop, make sure to go up the few stairs to the bag section as well… always a treasure to be found.

Merchants on Long:

With a fabulously pristine website, you could shop online, but experiencing Merchants on Long is just so much better. It is a first of its kind, an exclusively African concept, from home-ware to designer clothing and shoes, there is even stationery that is a must buy when you see it. Merchants on Long is one of those places that Long Street offers that you cannot miss. http://www.merchantsonlong.com


Long Street has hundreds of little nooks and crannies and gorgeous vibes all over. It truly is an experience on its own and there are so many beautiful places not on this list, so make a point to visit this amazing street of awesomeness, you will definitely find something to take home!


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