Explore your consciousness at these Cape Town film screenings

Cape Town offers regular screenings of meditation and consciousness exploring films that cover everything from neuroscience to monks and lamas, to entertain and soothe the soul.

Since 1996, the Exploring Consciousness film screenings have gained a loyal following and events are often sold out. Features usually open at the Labia on Orange, in Cape Town’s Gardens area, with monthly follow-up screenings on Thursday mornings at the quaint Simon’s Town Museum, all the way down in the southern part of the Cape Peninsula.

Material is sourced from all over the world and films are likely to include themes that cover philosophy, mysticism, mythology, religions, Jungian psychology, relationships, health and healing, ecology and death and dying.

Founded and organised by Erika van Greunen, who also arranges Buddhist-based travels and pilgrimages to monasteries and retreat centres in India, these thought-provoking films focus on humanity’s spiritual search, from ancient wisdom traditions to the latest scientific investigations.

You’re as likely to see interviews with leading neuroscientists and physicists as with well-known monks and lamas. The films encourage a deeper understanding of ourselves, our planet and the universe. As Van Greunen says:

“These films open a dynamic dialogue among people from all cultures and spiritual traditions, usually offering rare material that has never been screened before in South Africa.”

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