daniel ting chong

Daniel Ting Chong was born in 1987 in Cape Town. Studied graphic design at Vega. He is emerging as one of Cape Town’s top creative talents following a series of art exhibitions, talks, commissions from clients and design collaborations with leading international brands including Levi Strauss, Adidas and the Discovery Channel.

Besides being one of our favourite designers, we are very excited to share the news that Daniel is designing the cover for the 5th edition of the b-guided> Hip City Guide (Cape Town), which goes to print shortly! We can’t wait. In the meantime, we take a look at a few of his recent works.

One of works created for ‘The October Show’ at Salon91 gallery. Daniel says, “I wanted to work with wood as my canvas for this show. It’s a new material for me and i think they came out pretty nicely.”

A pitch cover for the New York Times Magazine related to the cover story of a couple captured by Somalian pirates.

Fear.Less – part of a collaborative project between Daniel Ting Chong & Jordan Metcalf. Various objects, representative of weapons/items used in acts of crime in South Africa, both by criminals and the law, seek to playfully examine the place of fear and crime in a South Africa context, framing our obsession with violence and the casual paranoia we seem to suffer from.

City Hall. Daniel was asked to create a poster of one of his favourite places in Cape Town.

One the works from Daniel’s ‘Sifting Through The Madness’ Exhibition at Salon91.

To see more of Daniel’s work, visit his website

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