damn your eyes, damn your eyes and further fictions

Damn your eyes, damn your eyes and Further Fictions is a joint exhibition that explores the visual languages and conversations of two artists, Robyn Nesbitt and Natasha Norman, who live and work in two different cities. In a conscious collaboration via email and the South African postal service they have endeavored to derive a joint yet evolving narrative space for their individual practices. This is the first exhibition to incorporate this collaboration.

Natasha Norman – Further Fictions

Natasha Norman has an enduring interest in media culture and technology. Further Fictions, completed for her Masters in Fine Art at UCT, is a meticulous meditation on the appropriation and re-production of visual information through the various reproductive processes of film, photography and print. Her work is a subtle engagement with the serial dynamic of filmic images and the hidden matrices of technological ‘sight.’

Robyn Nesbitt – Damn your eyes, damn your eyes

Robyn Nesbitt currently lives and works in Johannesburg. She completed her BAFA at the University of the Witwatersrand (2006) and obtained an MFA at The University of Cape Town (2010). Nesbitt’s interest lies in the observation of the everyday, with her work focusing on a personal desire and need to draw out what is overlooked. Taking its title from Virginia Woolf’s 1927 novel ‘To The Lighthouse’, Damn your eyes, damn your eyes focuses on the process of gathering and constructing an imagined space in relation to the illusion of time. These ideas of landscapes that exist in ones mind, yet cannot be found, are at the beginning stages of an ongoing narrative.

Exhibition dates: 29 November – 24 December 2011

021 423 5600
64 Wale Street
Cape Town

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Exhibition poster design: Dominic Roberts

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