Couch Surfing Cape Town

It is an incredible thing to travel extensively. There are ao many wonders in the world to be encountered and so many people to meet. Cape Town is one of the many popular destinations around the world for foreigners to travel too. When you’re young and able to travel, or even older and have the time finally to cross oceans and lands and meet, greet and converse with the worlds many faces the world has to offer, there really is no more cost effective awesome way to do it than to couch surf it. Cape Town is one of the 200 000 destinations across the world that have fantastic couch hosts, making your travelling experience that much more epic.

Couch surfing is really as easy as 1, 2, 3. First things first is setting up a profile, whether you yourself are a host or a traveler or both. The profiles are part of the entire couch surfings design around safety and security. There is a wonderful system instilled within the whole couch surfing process, where every couch surfer and host can comment on who they have hosted or where they have couch surfed, there is also a direct message system to enable the hosts and couch surfers to be able to get to know one another before they actually meet. The people with photographs are always preferred and at the top of the list. From setting up your profile you can then browse the people in the city that you wish to visit.

Cape Town in particular has hundreds of awesome people who have opened their homes to the travelling population and because Cape Town is one of the most friendly and accepting cities in the world, couch surfing is an epic way to save those dollars, rands and pounds for the things that matter… the actual travelling. How do you save whilst couch surfing? Well couch surfing is free. The whole idea behind couch surfing is so that people have the ability to travel and learn from other cultures without paying exorbitant fees on accommodation, and spend that money on things that they enjoy whilst meeting incredible people and sometimes even making friends for life. Couch Surfing is the way to travel, no matter your age or your destination! So if you have a couch or a spare room open and want to meet interesting people from all over the world, or if you’re a traveller and want to come see the magic of the mother city make sure to check out couch surfing today at

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