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Don’t miss the CORE mixed media contemporary art exhibition on from 6 to 28 September at MUSEUM Gallery, Upper Eastside, 31 Brickfield Road, Woodstock.

The exhibition, according to CORE:

…sums up the belief that we are not just citizens or inhabitants of a particular geographical location we happen to be born in, we are not separated and divided by societies needing to label, categorise and pigeon-hole – based on creed, caste and colour. Our origin as human beings on this planet is that of the Divine – that creative spark of divinity which lies rooted deep within and which knows no boundaries.

Exhibiting artists:

Linsey Levendall

Linsey is a self developed multidisciplinary creative hailing from the streets of Cape Town. He is driven by the passion to give life to his subconscious thoughts and dreams by creating intricately executed and seemingly disturbing work inspired by various phases and moments in his life.

His skill lies in his versatility and ability to adapt. Though he finds himself drawn to cubism and surrealism as a main source of inspiration, he tries to keep his work constantly open to evolving and preserving unconventional thinking. He is obsessed with creating obscure realms in which his creations dwell and come alive, but is also concerned with creating social change through art. Linsey makes up one half of the duo Bison together with Daniel Orme.

Anwar Davids

Hailing from Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats – a place full of colour and challenges, Anwar has been through the halls of Cape College as a Visual Arts Student and also studied at Paradox Media as an Animator to keep in pace with a constantly evolving creative world.

Building on a childhood obsession with art and the means of expression through graffiti he has experimented with various mediums and techniques inspired by surrealism, cubism and pop art, which culminated in contributions to a group photographic exhibition in 2004 and a digital art exhibition in 2010. Anwar will showcase his take on current affairs and life experiences in his interpretation of CORE.

Leigh Cupido

A 29 year old graffiti writer, muralist and graphic designer originally from Strandfontein, Leigh is heavily inspired by Cape Town, its people, the humor of life and anything creative.

Bitten by the sketch bug on school level he has honed his skills at Damelin College. Besides mural arts and graffiti, Leigh has exhibited at Hoodwinx in 2011 and he has been involved in many community projects, practicing the principle of each-1-teach-1, exposing young people in disadvantaged areas to the positive hip hop movement. He has also initiated his own graffiti battle called “2-can-Who-can”. This enthusiast hopes to one day open a design studio built on the same values as his community work.


Cape Town-based fulltime graffiti artist NARDSTAR has been active in graffiti for the last 4 years. Her work contains radiant colour schemes and focus on the deconstruction of letters, animals and faces into shapes, colours and patterns. NARDSTAR is not restricted to giving life to plain walls but also expresses her creativity through canvas work, graphic design and printmaking.

NARDSTAR* has done live paintings at events such as the Cape Town Festival, the South African Hip Hop Indaba 2010/11, and had worked alongside organizations such as Heal the Hood and the Steve Biko Foundation. She has also been able to collaborate with artists from around the world through her involvement in graffiti art.

Rayaan Cassiem

Raised in the Cape Flats suburb of Heideveld as a kid and true to the typical artist’s cliché, Rayaan was never found without a crayon, paintbrush or pencil in hand scribbling, doodling and painting for hours at a time.

Rayaan completed a National Diploma and Btech in graphic design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and is the founder of the illustration and design studio called BlkOps Creative. Partial to black india ink, digital painting, graffiti and dabbling in 3D Modeling his work has formed part of the mixed media exhibition called Co-Mix 2011 which was part of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

Influenced by everything from comic books, animation, street art, graffiti and the Hip Hop culture as a whole, Rayaan’s contribution to CORE is a deconstruction of how he views the social ills that plague the global community, no matter their geographical location.

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