city guide #7 and woodstock guide #1 on street next week

The sugar skull covers on City Guide #7 are by South African (and international) favourite, Kronk. Kronk also did the covers for City Guide #6, which were based on his original designs for an exclusive range of skim boards by Piece Industries. We hear that the covers were so popular that Piece produced boards in the cover colourways.

Luckily, the covers on City Guide #7, titled ‘Sugar Man’ and Sugar Lady, are part of an exclusive 100 Print Exhibition on Citymob. The exhibition showcases 100 works by 25 top local and international artists at fantastic prices.

Cindy Taylor took a walking tour of Woodstock to check out and photograph a selection of the amazing Woodstock street art. Many of her photos are featured in the Woodstock Guide including our two covers, both by talented artist, Interesni Kazki, a previous artist in residence at /A Word of Art in Woodstock. Street Art tours, conducted by art facilitators and Woodstock community members are available Saturdays and Sundays. We highly recommend a tour, which can be booked via /A Word of Art.

Both the City Guide and Woodstock Guide will be on street next week and will be available at outlets throughout the city and surrounds. Alternatively, contact Alex at

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