city guide #5 hits the streets

With the latest edition of the City Guide now on the streets, we are thrilled to be able to show off the stands designed and manufactured by local designer Lucas Adams. The stand is simple yet stylish and along with the striking City Guide cover, designed by Kris Hewitt, aka Kronk, very eye-catching.

Pick up a copy of the latest guide at various outlets in and around the city, from Camps Bay to Woodstock and everywhere inbetween. If you would like to know where you can find one in a specific suburb/area, email

Besides custom work such as the City Guide stands, Lucas designs and manufactures his own line of products. We’ve already mentioned the Puzzle Pinup, a fantastic all-surface noticeboard. The second product in his range is the fully-adjustable and rotational Luna Light, which can be fixed down to most surfaces by self adhesive Velcro ‘feet’. The Luna Light was launched at the Design Indaba earlier this year and sold out within 24 hours!

Both the Puzzle Pinup and Luna Light can be bought via the Kraftisan website and cost R345 and R485 respectively.

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