City artist sparkles with crystal public art project

Renowned Cape Town artist Michael Elion makes the city shimmer with his streetlamp crystals.

If you’re driving or walking around the city of Cape Town, you’ll notice that some streetlamps have crystals hanging from them, suspended from the lamp with a string and shimmering in the sunlight during the day, or sparkling under the glow of the electric light at night.

At first people thought that these were random acts of beautification, or that the “crystals” in question were simply made of plastic. Upon careful inspection, however, the effect is unmistakable: these are real glass crystals.

The mystery lasted a while until it was revealed that the crystals are actually a work of art by accomplished local artist Michael Elion.

The artist from Cape Town actually boasts a number of international achievements, and the project was commissioned and paid for by the Africa Centre, which is in part funded by the City of Cape Town.

“It’s really fantastic that the city is endorsing projects like this,” says Elion. “It’s a great sign for anyone involved in the creative world in Cape Town.”

It turns out there are over a thousand of these suspended crystals all over the city, shimmering in the sunshine…

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