simonsberg wine route goes all out on market day

More than twenty top Stellenbosch wine cellars will descend onto Delvera agri-village, when the Greater Simonsberg sub-route of the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes shares its finest gems during a vibrant Market Day on Sunday, 11 March 2012.

Young and old can delight in a fun-filled family day blended with the finest wines from the Simonsberg area, country food, craft stalls with proudly local produce, harvest activities and horse rides. The younger crowd will have barrels of fun in the play corner or enjoy go-cart rides, the trampoline, jungle gym and a Kids Theater (12h00 at R40 per child).

Live performances by the vibrant Stellenbosch band, Manouche, celebrated for their foot-stomping, hip-swinging jazz vibes, will add rhythmic soul to this Winelands soiree. The Vine Hopper will provide a shuttle service to and from Stellenbosch on the day.

The Simonsberg Wine Route Market Day starts at 10am and entry is FREE.

For more information about the Simonsberg Wine Route Market Day contact Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes at 021 886 8275 or visit

taste the mediterranean in the riebeek valley

The fourth annual MedFest promises both serious gourmands and casual foodies the opportunity to entertain their culinary senses on a rainbow of intimate traditional and widely popular offerings that have come to be the benchmark of centuries-old Mediterranean cuisine and complementary customs. The emphasis is again on slow, on meandering and on milling in true Mediterranean style, subtly provoking the ever enquiring palate to gently absorb and to passionately translate and spoil.

The MedFest is essentially a celebration of the unique similarities and compatibilities between the terroir, climate and familial lifestyle responsible for the unique agricultural produce transformed into culinary life of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean on the one hand, and the Riebeek Valley and its Swartland region on the other. The resemblances in the agricultural chain are inspiring, ranging from chains of vineyards, across olive groves and wheatfields, over fruit orchards, vegetable fields and around selections of small meat farms.

A total of nine Mediterranean countries – Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Morocco – are being “married” to the same number of local restaurants and hotel to host a true family affair of tastes and flavours. From both samples to meals, ranging from inter alia, Portuguese Trinchados, Spanish Tapas and French Terrines to Italian Pastas, Greek and Turkish Mezzes, Lebanese Kibbeh and Moroccan Tagines, as well as delectable traditional deserts.

Visitors may select their culinary destinations and “taste tours” to suit their palates accompanied by the very best local wines and vibrant Mediterranean music.

Another highlight is the Portuguese Festival hosted by the Royal Hotel.

The festival takes place from 9h30 to 23h00 on Saturday 31st March and 9h30 to 16h30 on Sunday 1st April. For formal luncheons and dinners, visitors are advised to make bookings in advance by contacting restaurants directly. Casual food lovers preferring to sample diversified tastes and flavours will be accommodated as casual “walk-ins”.

Visitors are encouraged to spend a weekend by booking directly at any of our hotels, guest houses, and b&b’s and further discover the true essence of meandering the Mediterranean lifestyle right here on their doorsteps.

For general information, including accommodation, contact the Riebeek Valley Tourism office at 022 448 1545 or via email at or go to the website

For Medfest info, visit the Medfest website, which includes all restaurant and cellar details.

Culinary life is initiated in the soil, is born through the harvest, is cared for in the kitchen and is celebrated around the table”.

elegantly elgin wine weekend

Less than an hour from Cape Town lies the breathtakingly beautiful Elgin Valley, which will be welcoming wine lovers on Saturday 12 May when sixteen wine estates open their doors for a day of entertainment, fine wine and food for the Elgin Wine Weekend.

Five different routes have been designed to ensure the best possible experience and visitors can choose one. All routes and participating estates are listed below, along with details of some of the wonderful experiences on offer.

Tickets cost R50 and grant you entry to the routing option purchased. Each ticket includes an Official Route access lanyard, an Elegantly Elgin Tasting Glass and a free pour voucher to be redeemed and enjoyed at any venue on the day. Wine by the glass will also be sold at each venue, and lunch options are for your own account.

Tickets are sold per route and are limited, so it’s best to buy them early. They are available from Charmaine at Elgin Tourism office 021 848 9838 or email

For event information contact Taryn Laing, Elgin Valley Wine Guild, on 082 566 6877 or email, or visit the website.

Regular updates on the weekend’s events and the participating estates can be found at the Elegantly Elgin Facebook page

UPDATE: as at 6 May, the Yellow route was sold out.

Elgin Wine Weekend routes:

So what can wine lovers look forward to?


9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Lothian Vineyards Pinot Noir 2011
• Lothian Vineyards Chardonnay 2011
• Lothian Vineyards Riesling 2011

House White: Otter’s Claw Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Horny Owl Shiraz

Entertainment: snack with relaxed wine tasting on the deck | swimming pool or dam with trampolines and water trampolines (weather dependent)

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Rawbones Rosé
• Oak Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Oak Valley Chardonnay 2011
• Oak Valley Merlot Cabernet 2007
• Oak Valley Pinot Noir 2010

House White: Oak Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: Oak Valley Merlot Cabernet 2007

Entertainment: ‘The Professionals’, one of the Cape’s best party bands, play a mix of classics and new tunes; bring your dancing shoes!

Lunch: Oak Valley Beef Bourginon – freshly made using grass-fed Oak Valley beef, slow cooked with mushrooms, onions and lardons of Oak Valley bacon served with steamed potatoes tossed in parsley butter and fresh bread – R60 per serving

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Elgin Vintners Sauvignon Blanc
• Elgin Vintners Chardonnay
• Elgin Vintners Viognier
• Elgin Vintners Rosé
• Elgin Vintners Pinot Noir
• Elgin Vintners Shiraz
• Elgin Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon
• Elgin Vintners Merlot
• Elgin Vintners Agama

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Sauvignon Blanc 2009
• Sauvignon Blanc 2010
• Rose 2009
• Sine Cera 2010
• Sine Cera 2011
• Ruadh 2009
• Slainte 2008
• Pinot Noir 2010
• Dessert Wine
• Port

House White: Sauvignon Blanc 2009
House Red: Ruadh 2009 (Shiraz/Merlot Blend)

Entertainment: a wine tasting with a difference | fishing, swimming and kayaking on the dam | deli for breakfast etc.

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Brandies for Tasting:
• Oude Molen V.O.V 14 year old
• Oude Molen René Single Cast (Master Distiller’s Choice)
• Oude Molen Solera
• Oude Molen 100 Reserve (Matured for 100 Months)

House White: No House
House Red: No House

Entertainment: full cellar tour and tasting; consists of a tour of the distillery and audio visual presentation
Lunch: a delicious warm winter soup accompanied by fresh bread, and koeksisters to wrap up.

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Shannon ‘Sanctuary Peak’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Shannon ‘Rockview Ridge’ Pinot Noir 2010 (New Release Wines)
• Shannon ‘Mount Bullet’ Merlot 2010 (New Release Wines)

House White: Semillon
House Red: Pinot Noir

Entertainment: 2 Boule courts | social area on viewing deck overlooking the river | lounge area | vertical tasting of Pinot Noirs (2006 – 2010) at an additional cost | selection of Library wines available to purchase

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Elgin Ridge 282 Sauvignon Blanc Vintage 2011
• Elgin Ridge 282 Chardonnay Vintage 2010
• Elgin Ridge 282 Chardonnay Vintage 2011

House White: Elgin Ridge 282 Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Not available

Entertainment: cellar tours by Brian Smith on a hourly basis throughout the day

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Mofam ‘Shaz’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Mofam ‘Dee’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Mofam ‘Zar’ Pinot Noir 2011
• Mofam ‘Zan’ Rose’ 2011
• Mofam ‘Reez ‘ Viognier 2011
• Mofam Viognier 2010

House White: Mofam ‘Shaz’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: Mofam ‘Zar’ Pinot Noir

Entertainment: skiing | canoeing | quad biking | hiking | labyrinth| fishing | enjoy “Flavours” with great food and wine in front of the fire – guests are welcome to partake in all activities, which are for own account.

Lunch: Flavours@Mofam has switched to their winter menu and offers a smaller version, including lamb shank, stews & soups; cost R50-R100

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Almenkerk Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Lace White 2011
• Lace Rosé 2011
• Lace Red Blend 2010

House White: Lace White 2011
House Red: Lace Red Blend 2010

Entertainment: free fermentation and maturation cellar tours by winemaker Joris van Almenkerk | glühwein next to the roaring fireplace | coffee, tea & pastries for sale

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Hannay Sauvignon Blanc
• Catherine Marshall White label Pinot Noir

House White: Hannay Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Catherine Marshall White Label Pinot Noir

Entertainment: relaxed tasting environments with background music and snack platters.

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc
• Paul Cluver Chardonnay
• Paul Cluver Riesling
• Paul Cluver Close Encounter
• Paul Cluver Pinot Noir
• Paul Cluver Late Harvest

House White: Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Paul Cluver Pinot Noir

Entertainment: Joan’s Special Lunch Menu
Lunch (booking essential):
• Freshest, finest ingredients sourced from the Garden of Elgin, prepared in an unpretentious Manner
• Costs per course: Starters: R35-R45; Mains: R60–R 110; Dessert: R35
• Joan’s Special: Fish Pie paired with a glass of Paul Cluver white wine – R 110.00

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Arumdale Special L.Y.C (Sauvignon Blanc) 2011
• Arumdale Shiraz 2007
• Robin Hood series range

House White: Little John
House Red: Robin Hood

Entertainment: Arumdale is hosting 2 live performances

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Spioenkop Riesling 2011
• ‘1900’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• ‘1900’ Chenin Blanc 2011
• ‘1900’ Pinotage 2011

House White: ‘1900’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: no house red

Entertainment: wine tastings in the Lapa, with explanation from the winemaker | a sensual pairing of Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc with oysters | hiking trails in the vineyards | a walk in the indigenous garden

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Sauvignon Blanc 2010
• Rose 2011
• Cabernet Sauvignon 2009/2010

House White: Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Cabernet Sauvignon

Entertainment: Boule
Lunch: at The Venue@South Hill
• Ploughman’s Platter – cold meat & cheese selection, smoked snoek paté, onion marmalade, tomato & chilli jam & freshly baked Ciabatta loaf – R50 per (serves 1)
• Tasting Platter – 4 different bite-sized treats paired with South Hill MCC, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon – R60
• Normal lunch menu is available for guests who would prefer a full dining experience.

2:30pm – 5:00pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Iona Sauvignon Blanc
• Iona “The Gunnar”
• Sophie Teblanche
• Le Rouge

House White: Iona Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: The Gunner 2006

Entertainment: wine tasting in a relaxed atmosphere overlooking the Elgin Valley.

escape the city: the hermanuspietersfontein food & wine market

In 1855 Hermanuspietersfontein was founded and so named to honour one Hermanus Pieters, a teacher who was hired (and apparently often paid in sheep) to teach the local children in Dutch (the forerunner of Afrikaans) in the early 1800s. The name of the town was shortened to Hermanus in the early 1900s.

A century later Hermanuspietersfontein Cellar and Wines felt it fitting to revive and re-live the village’s history by bringing the original name back, and to honour Hermanus Pieters they committed to making all wine names and labels in Afrikaans – the only cellar in South Africa to do so.

The Hermanuspietersfontein wine cellar is built around a large courtyard and it’s here where the Food & Wine Market brings back the ambiance of the old market square where people gather to buy directly from the butcher, the baker and the cheese maker while delicious aromas of organic coffee, traditional pannekoek and breakfast permeate the air and tantalise the senses.

Browse the food tables and stock up on some of the region’s finest olive oils, organic vegetables, home bakes and other traditional and international fare, and a variety of quality handcrafted products. And don’t forget the wine tasting, which is free.

Enjoy breakfast or lunch, or relax with a glass of wine while taking in the sights and sounds of a traditional country market. It’s a child safe environment that includes a special water feature for them to enjoy, and while the market is dog friendly, it is strictly against plastic packaging.

The market is open every Saturday morning from 9am to 2pm, and it really does offer something for everyone. The Hermanuspieterfontein Cellar lies at the entrance to the Hemel and Aarde Valley, midway between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas and within walking distance of Walker Bay. For directions, click here.

Read more about Hermanuspietersfontein, the Food & Wine Market, the award-winning wines and the fully furnished and equipped farm cottages where you can escape the city for more than just a morning, at their website.

Hemel en Aarde Valley
028 316 1875

vineyard tour & barrel lunch at beaumont wines on 5 august

Join Beaumont Wines on Sunday 5th of August for lunch in their barrel cellar, starting at 12pm with a glass of Raoul’s White or Rosé and their delicious homegrown almonds and olives. Sebastian will walk you through the vineyards to demonstrate how vines are pruned, before moving into the barrel cellar for lunch. With a seasonal menu designed to accompany our delicious wines, this is a food and wine experience not to be missed.

Menu & Wines @ R355 per head


  • Beaumont Olives
  • Beaumont Almonds
  • Raoul’s White & Rosé


  • Duck, pistachio and porcini terrine served with brioche toasts, pickled gherkins and cherry compote
  • Beaumont Hope Marguerite


  • Lamb, fig and honey tagine served on spiced couscous
  • Beetroot and orange salad to the tables
  • Beaumont Mourvedre


  • Lemon, almond and polenta torte served with crème fraîche and poached apricots
  • Beaumont Goutte D’Or
  • Coffee & Tea

Buy your tickets now as only a limited number of seats are available. Bookings can be made by emailing as well as online at

028 284 9194
Compagnes Drift Farm, Bot River

riebeek valley: majestic mountains, vineyards, olive groves & quaint towns

What is Cape Town’s best kept secret? To some, it’s found not in the Mother City, but about 75km and about an hour’s drive away.

In recent years the Riebeek Valley has become the destination of choice for people looking to escape not only the city, but also many of the busier tourist towns. Surrounded by the breathtaking Kasteelberg, lush vineyards and olive groves, the quaint towns of Riebeek Kasteel, Riebeek West and (albeit perhaps to a lesser extent) Hermon offer a taste of sophisticated country hospitality, eclectic shops, renowned wines and olives, and restaurants, delis and cafés to satisfy even the fussiest foodie.

Regular readers of B-guided may have noticed the slowly expanding Out of Town Inspiration section on the website. The most recent addition, as you’ve probably guessed, is the increasingly popular Riebeek Valley, which has been sorted into five categories:

  • eat: restaurants, cafés and coffee shops
  • sleep: boutique accommodation
  • play: shopping, gifts & décor, body & beauty, art galleries and markets
  • wine & olives: the best places for wine, wine tasting, olives, olive oil & olive products
  • wedding black book: for couples looking for the perfect country wedding in a stylish setting

From delicious cakes to country cooking using seasonal, local produce, pizzas to French-style bistro fare, tea gardens to high tea in an historic hotel. Don’t miss:

  • Ed’s Diner: purveyors of good country food and classic cars and bikes
  • Bar Bar Black Sheep: rustic, slow cooked country fare & local boutique &garagiste wines
  • Beans About Coffee: roasters & suppliers of the finest, freshest, best coffee in town

A variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets whether private, fully equipped, air-conditioned luxury or cosy cottages on a working farm, an historic hotel or a country inn, self-catering or B&B. Try:

  • Bloemendal: a tranquil & luxurious, fully-equipped 2-bed self catering cottage
  • Kasteelberg: a landmark guesthouse owner-run by radio personality Allan Barnard & Frenchman Julien Debray
  • Royal Hotel: historic, 150 year-old hotel offering old world luxury at affordable prices

And current readers’ favourite, Travellers Rest, who are running a winter special. Details here

Shop for gorgeous gifts & décor, clothing & jewellery, homebakes & other edible delights, take in a gallery and invest in local art, indulge in country pampering, or get creative; there’s lots to see and do in between all the relaxation:

  • Deli-co Butchery: a traditional, family butchery that delivers fresh from the farm (including to the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town!)
  • Calamata Spa: a day spa in a relaxed, farm setting
  • Fat Green Frog: the biggest little bead store in South Africa
  • The Gallery: original paintings, ceramics and sculptures by local artists
  • Aitsa: jams, honey, rusks, preserves; cushions, jewellery, gifts & more

No visit is complete without sampling – and buying – the renowned local wines and olives:

  • Goedgedacht: well known olive oil and olive & fruit dressings in aid of Goedgedacht Trust
  • The Wine Kollective: Swartland wines at cellar door prices and free wine tasting on weekends
  • Allesverloren: historic winery owned by Danie Malan, the fifth generation Malan on the Swartland estate

Wedding venues and wedding services for the ultimate country wedding, whether a casual, intimate affair for close family and friends or a lavish banquet for 300:

  • Het Vlock Kasteel: fairytale weddings in a Medieval-inspired castle
  • Karibu Wedding Experience: preparation, chapel & finishing touch packages, including a luxury suite
  • Luv’it: vintage wedding & event décor to hire

So there you have it: plenty of fabulous options, whether you’re in need of a quick break, weekend getaway or a holiday with enough time to explore the region and beyond. To see even more, visit Out of Town Inspiration and start planning.

2013 beaumont wines port stomp

If you haven’t been to a Beaumont Wines Port Stomp, do yourself a favour and go this year. Enjoy a unique evening dancing on the grapes in the Beaumont Wines candlelit cellar along with plenty of delicious wine and food to keep the spirits and energy levels high.

The dress code is seriously casual, for obvious reasons, and it is recommended that you bring old clothes for the stomp, towels and something warm for later.

R225 per person includes:
Delicious Beaumont wines and supper in the barrel cellar, which dates back to the early 1900s.
Bottling of your own port to take home
Deluxe grape seed foot exfoliation, aka the stomp!


Beef phyllo cigars / Feta and spinach phyllo cigars
Hummus / Skordalia / Beetroot & Yoghurt / Carrot, cumin & honey

Main Buffet
Marinated lamb cutlets with coriander, mint, honey and chilli
Sweet potato, sage, and garlic gratin
Balsamic marinated fig salad topped with thyme and marjoram
Asparagus, avocado and fennel salad with a rosemary cream dressing
Moorish crunch salad – carrots, radishes, apples, sultanas, sesame seeds and coriander in a tahini dressing

Dessert Buffet
Cheese platter – selection of cheeses, preserves, crackers and grapes
Pear & almond tart served with crème fraîche

The Beaumont Wines Port Stomp takes place on 15 March from 6:30pm, so it’s the ideal time to book accommodation nearby and make a weekend of it. Beaumont has two cottages on the estate, but if they are not available there is plenty of accommodation available in the Bot River region and surrounds.

To book online for the Port Stomp, click here

028 284 9194
Compagnes Drift Farm
Bot River

introducing creation’s pinot princess

Emma Martin, all of ten years old, will soon make her début on the world wine stage when her maiden Pinot Noir, ‘Emma’s Barrel’ will be released. Created under the watchful (and loving) eye of her daddy, Jean-Claude Martin this single-barrel limited release wine features 15% whole-bunch fermented grapes. A mere 300 bottles will be available, making each a collector’s piece.

Emma is the fourth-generation winemaker on her Swiss father’s side and the third-generation on her South African mother’s side. Small wonder the wine reflects the best of both Old and New Worlds! Made under the expert guidance of her famous dad and with the encouragement of her inspiring mom, the 2012 Emma’s Barrel Pinot Noir reflects the spirit of innovation for which Creation has become famous. The vintage coincides with Creation’s 10th anniversary year and will be released on 16 July, Emma’s 11th birthday!

2012 was an incredible vintage for Creation’s Pinot and Emma’s Barrel rewards with a delightful bouquet of berries, hints of spice and whiffs of dried apricot. It is smooth yet complex on the palate where layers of dried fruit mingle with hints of raspberry and piquant spice.

Creation Wines, in the heart of the breathtaking Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge, is well worth a visit and not only for their award winning wines.

Enjoy an informative and fun vineyard and cellar tour, as well as relaxed wine tasting, innovative food and wine pairings and delicious antipasto platters. The exquisite Fynbos Garden is a must, as is Creation’s contemporary art collection. Little ones are entertained with a host of fun activities and a special children’s menu keeps them smiling.

Creation is open from 10am to 5pm daily for Wine Tasting, while the Food & Wine Pairing and Lunch are available between 11am and 4pm daily.

028 212 1107
Hemel-en-Aarde Road


b-moved to iona in the breathtaking elgin valley

We spotted two interesting wine labels a while back. Interesting because a) we really like them and b) the labels were a marked departure from the estate’s usual labels. We finally got round to finding out more.

Although the 2011 Chardonnay was the talk of the recent Constantia Fresh weekend, Iona is perhaps best known for their Sauvignon Blanc, also known by the more unusual (at least to those who aren’t overly familiar with Iona) Sophie Te’blanche. The wines have, in fact, received awards and accolades from around the world since Iona’s very first vintage. Like the wines, the labels were recognisable.

Recently, though, Andrew and Rosie Gunn, owners of Iona, decided to relook at their commitment to producing only white wines, but wanted to make sure that they put the very best possible red into the glass.

One Man Band 2008 is a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Mourvedre and Viognier and while it is strong with gentle gamey notes, it is smooth and elegant enough. If you’re looking for the perfect dish to pair with One Man Band, Jacqui Henderson, Marketing Manager at Iona, tells me that while it is very versatile, it goes beautifully with a mushroom risotto.

Mr P is a great value Pinot Noir that is silky smooth and so very drinkable. We highly recommend it, as does its increasingly large fan base.

But back to the labels. New wine brands, of course, need new labels and it just so happens that Rosie Gunn has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and has always wanted to merge wine and art. As wine making is an art form in itself, like the wines, the labels work beautifully.

Both the One Man Band and Mr P are available for tasting and purchase at Iona and at various outlets, details here. The tasting room at Iona is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm but by appointment only on weekends.

Find out more about Iona wines at their website or call 028 284 9078.

b-inspired to help those affected by the kayamandi fire

There was a devastating fire in Kayamandi, the informal settlement outside Stellenbosch, in the early hours of Friday morning that destroyed 1300 shacks, affecting 4500 people.

I Love Coffee is working with Milkshed to assist those affected by gathering donations of clothing, bedding, blankets, towels, food, toys, books and more. The city’s coffee industry along with other businesses have rallied round the initiative by placing specially marked donation boxes in outlets throughout the city and surrounds.

Help turn your old stuff into new stuff for the thousands of people who have been left with nothing. The organisers will make the first collection from the boxes on Monday next week, so why not spend part of tomorrow’s holiday by sorting through your stuff and dropping it off at any of the outlets listed below. Disaster Management is in control of the situation and all donations will go to the Stellenbosch Fire Station where they will be distributed to the people via the Community Hall in Kayamandi.

For more information contact Milkshed, or check their Facebook page


  • Deluxe Coffeeworks – 6 Roodehek Street, Gardens
  • Truth Coffee HQ – 36 Buitenkant Street
  • Truth. Coffee Roastery – Prestwich Memorial, 1 Somerset Road, Green Point
  • Superette – Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock
  • Rosetta Roastery – Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock
  • Field Office – 37 Barrack Street
  • Knead – Wembley Square, 1 Mckenzie Street
  • Lauren Fowler – Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Road, Woodstock
  • Elle Magazine – 105 Hatfield Street, Gardens
  • Jason Bakery – 185 Bree Street, CBD
  • Bean There – 58 Wale Street, CBD
  • Haas – 67 Rose St, Bo Kaap
  • Table 13 – 78 Victoria Junction, Green Point
  • Red Sofa – 21 Derry Street, Corner of Exner and Derry Street, Vredehoek
  • Starlings – 94 Belvedere Rd, Claremont
  • Häzz – 32 Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch
  • Gourmet Coffee Roasters – 16 Pontac Close, Saxenburg Park 1, Kuils River