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Besides the fresh new look, Mountain Falls Natural Mineral Water is available direct with free delivery at wholesale prices for orders of 4 cases or more. Payment can be made either by EFT, online credit card facility or cash on delivery.

Orders can be placed by emailing or or calling 028 341 0335 or 079 767 6343 and we’ll take care of the rest!

For trade inquiries contact or 028 341 0335.

Mountain Falls water is available in still and lightly sparkling, in 330ml, 500ml, 1l and 1,5l PET bottles, as well as returnable 330ml and 500ml glass bottles that can be also be delivered in beautiful hand crafted wooden crates. See our online store for details.

For those who may not know:

  • Mountain Falls water is perfectly balanced at pH7, which is regarded as perfect natural water. A large percentage of bottled water in SA is well below pH7 – around 4.8 to 5.6 – which is classified as acidic.
  • Natural mineral water is superior to spring water and of far better quality than the prepared waters that are fast becoming the norm.
  • Mountain Falls is hand bottled at source on a farm situated on the slopes of the Kleinriver mountain range between Hermanus and Stanford.

If you would like to try the water, it’s currently available at:

  • Deluxe Coffeeworks | 35 Church St, Cape Town | 6 Roodehek Rd, Gardens
  • Csfe Frank | 160 Bree Street
  • Royale Eatery | 273 Long St
  • Gourmet Boerie | Shop 5 | Buitenkloof Studios | 8 Kloof St
  • Brewhoo! | Woodstock Foundry | 160 Albert Rd
  • Frankie Fenner | Metal Lane | 8 Kloof St
  • Power and the Glory | Cnr Burnside & Kloof Nek Rds | Tamboerskloof
  • Gusto Cafeteria | 117 Hatfield St | Gardens
  • Truth Coffee | 36 Buitenkant St
  • Tribe | Woodstock Foundry | 160 Albert Rd
  • Munchbox | 142 Buitengracht St

More outlets will be added in the upcoming weeks.

mountain falls natural mineral water online

We’ve mentioned Mountain Falls Natural Mineral Water before. Besides coffee, it’s our daily drink of choice at B-guided. Bottled at source on the Klein River mountains between Hermanus and Stanford and an Overberg favourite for some time, Mountain Falls has enjoyed tremendous growth in the past year, particularly in Cape Town, where it can be found at many of the city’s top eateries, cafés, clubs, bars and niche outlets.

Unique packaging and exclusivity is a hallmark of Mountain Falls; bar a few boutique outlets, you’re not going to be able to pick up a couple of bottles at your local supermarket or retail outlet. This doesn’t mean that those who’d like to enjoy the water at home are out of luck, though, because Mountain Falls offers the best way to ensure you stay hydrated in all the best ways: perfectly balanced water delivered free, right to your door.

If there’s anything we at B-guided love just as much as coffee and Mountain Falls water, it is online shopping and free delivery!

Check out their online store or call 028 341 0335 if you have any questions.

do you know what is in your water cooler?

That not all bottled water is the same becomes apparent once you have read the “label” and once you’ve read Mountain Falls’ label, you will discover that the “best quality” natural mineral water is available on your doorstep.

“Mountain Falls presents the best possible mineral combination we have seen” – Wellness Warehouse in-house nutritionist

That’s quite an accolade and here’s why it is well deserved:

  • Mountain Falls has a perfectly balanced pH 7, whereas a large percentage of bottled water in South Africa is between 4.6 and 5.8, which is classified as 500 times more acidic than pH7.
  • Its TDS is 350mg/l, well above the 250mg/l that is the minimum global requirement to be classified as a Mineral Water. Based on the requirements set out by the {FDAIBWAEBWAANZFSEPAWHO} it iss currently the only water in South Africa able to claim to be mineral water.
  • It has a uniquely high source of calcium &magnesium, essential for human health.
  • Mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its consistent level and relative proportions of minerals at the source. In other words, no minerals can be added.
  • Ideally, water should be high in magnesium and calcium; Mountain Falls presents high levels of both.
  • Mountain Falls is bottled at source, in the Overberg region, situated on the slopes of the Kleinriver mountain range between Hermanus and Stanford.
  • “Natural Mineral Water”, is sourced from an underground aquifer, which emerges from a spring tapped at natural or bore exits. Natural water must be bottled at source and cannot be transported in bulk from the source. In fact, in the case of mineral and spring water the label should say “bottled at source” and specify the location of the source

Water Cooler Solution
Mountain Falls is also the only company offering Natural Mineral Water through a water cooler system.

The majority of water cooler suppliers supply reverse osmosis (RO) water, which is not the best health and hydration option, despite claimes to the contrary. So why say no to RO?

  • Reverse osmosis water systems strip impurities along with the benficial trace minerals.
  • In most cases re-mineralisation is applied, but unless these are organic minerals (extremely rare as it is a costly exercise) the body cannot absorb the water or the artificial minerals. Consistent clinical findings have determined that RO water, in general, does not hydrate the body.
  • Mineral free RO water will inevitably begin to leach vital minerals from the body. This is a type of chelation process, in which mineral-free water tends to attach itself to certain minerals and flush them out of the body.
  • It is inefficient. In fact, the RO process of filtration wastes, on average, 3 litres of water in order to produce just 1 litre of RO water.

(References: WHO (1978) How trace elements in water contribute to health; WHO(1980) Guidelines on health aspects of water demineralisation; WHO (1996) Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality; WHO (2004) Health risks from drinking artificially produced demineralised or reverse osmosis-treated water.

Mountain Falls Water Cooler package

  • Stylish black / stainless steel water cooler – R2400 deposit (refundable within the first 12 months of service thereafter it becomes yours to keep)
  • Hence there is no monthly rental fee)
  • 19.5L refill bottle at R65.79 ex vat (R75 incl vat)
  • Delivery once every week
  • No minimum order required by a minimum of 2 bottles is recommended. That said, if you do run out of water they will deliver outside of the scheduled delivery day! How’s that for service.

Want to find out more?

Contact Richard Wynne on 079 681 1648.

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Perfect Balance – Mountain Falls Water

The average adult human body consists of 50 – 65% water, a large percentage of the drinking water in South Africa is 500 times more acidic than pH7, which is the neutral level at which water should be perfectly balanced with. Thus far only one water balances in perfect harmony with a pH7, Mountain Falls Water. Continue reading “Perfect Balance – Mountain Falls Water”