City Sightseeing Bus Tour in Cape Town

The iconic hop on hop off red bus is a common sight throughout Cape Town! City Sightseeing Bus Tour in Cape Town.

This is because the City Sightseeing Bus is undoubtedly one of the more convenient and enjoyable travel modes for visitors and locals to immerse themselves in the bustling cosmopolitan city centre.

Or spend a day discovering the unique landscapes of Table Mountain, Atlantic and Indian Ocean peninsula, and world-renowned wine farms.

The Blue Mini Peninsula Tour travels throughout Cape Town, and stops at numerous attractions. The assortment of stops along this route are designed to give every traveller an opportunity to experience what is uniquely Cape Town, and according to individual preferences.

For example, hop off at Imizamo Yethu and partake in the township walk; or alternatively, amble through the world-renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Red Line Tour

The Purple Wine Tasting Tour is City Sightseeing Bus designed to provide users with a distinctively Cape Town wine-tasting experience on the slopes of Table Mountain, but a mere15 minutes from the central city.

There are three stops at top wine farms, including the oldest wine farm in South Africa, Groot Constantia. Take a stroll around the farm, partake in wine tasting, or enjoy a lunch on the terrace of City Sightseeing Bus.

There are three stops at top wine farms, including the oldest wine farm in South Africa, Groot Constantia. Take a stroll around the farm, partake in wine tasting, or enjoy a lunch on the terrace of top restaurant, Jonkerhuis.

If you would prefer to catch some sun, visitors can purchase a picnic basket and relax under age-old oak trees.

Blue Line Tour

The Yellow Downtown Tour provides users with a convenient and elevated view of the city centre. The stops are conveniently placed near to museums, historical buildings, and top restaurants, bistros and bars throughout Cape Town CBD.

This is perhaps one of the best ways of exploring the city and of experiencing the energy which is unique to Cape Town.

A new route recently launched offers an alternative wine tour in the award-winning wine regions of Franschoek and Stellenbosch.

Orange Line Tour

Additionally, the tour commences with a stop in Blouberg, giving tourists an opportunity to capture on camera the iconic view of Table Mountain, Lions Head and Devils Peak by City Sightseeing Bus.

This tour includes wine tasting and cellar tours, and provides visitors with the chance to explore the historical French Huguenot town of Franschoek.

Book one of the four tours offered here, and travel to Cape Town’s myriad of top attractions.

What to take on a hike up Lion’s Head?

So you have decided to take a hike up the iconic Lion’s Head? However, realizing that Lion’s Head is not limited to professional hikers alone, those reading this may very well be largely unprepared when thinking of tackling the great Lion’s Head. There are a few very important pointers which should be taken into mind and ticking off your checklist before even attempting the summit.

It definitely depends whether your hike up Lion’s Head will be a daytime voyage or one of the full moon journeys, as well as noting whether you will be alone on your venture up to the peak of Lion’s Head, which is never advised or whether you are in group. For the sake of this article, there will be two checklists, one for the day, and one for the night, because we definitely do not advise ever hiking alone unless you have some serious kung-fu skills and have been hiking for ages we take for granted that it will be two or more hikers taking on the Lion’s Head summit.

Daytime Hikers Checklist:

When the sun is high in the sky and Cape Town boasts her beautiful blue skies, the slopes and peak of the beautiful Lion’s Head sees many group of hikers as well as fitness fanatics jogging up her slopes. Below is an imperative checklist for the average daytime hiker:

  • A Backpack / Rucksack: When hiking, no matter when or where, taking a backpack is important to carry all those extra little goodies which usually leave your hands free to tackle climbing the chains and ropes which are present on your journey up to the peak of Lion’s Head.
  • Water: If you’re not going to take anything else, make sure you take water, especially in the daytime hikes, keeping hydrated is one of the most important things when venturing outdoors.
  • Sunscreen / Sun block: The sun in South Africa can be quite brutal on the skin on a good day, sun block helps to protect you against dreaded things like cancer and burning blisters.
    Sun Glasses
  • Hat: Cape Town is known for her windy nature which comes without warning, it is advisable to take a hat with a neck string so when the wind decides to come up, it wont take your hat with it.
  • Good Hiking shoes
  • Clothing: The peak of any mountain has the potential to be a little chilly even on a warm day, taking a wind breaker, or a warm jacket even if you put it in your rucksack will always come in handy.
    Trail snacks
  • First Aid Kit: Plasters, bandages, gauze and something akin to bactroban is always a good idea for any unplanned nasty cuts that could take place on your hike.
  • Camera: It is breathtakingly beautiful on top of Lion’s Head, keeping those divine memories is never a bad idea. Remember to take spare batteries.

Full Moon Hikers Checklist:

Full moon hiking up and down the beautiful slopes of Lion’s Head, seeing many hikers gathering on the peak to view the incredible vista that is the Mother City, illuminated by the large full moons that Cape Town is famous for. Below is a checklist for those night time hikers or would be hikers, this checklist is imperative if you are planning on taking on the peak of Lion’s Head:

  • Headlamp / Torch
  • A Backpack / Rucksack
  • Water
  • Insect Repellent: It is known that there are mosquitoes present on the slopes of Lion’s Head, insect repellent is definitely a good idea.
  • Good Hiking shoes
  • Clothing: Definitely take a warm jacket or wind breaker on a night time hike. Cape Town nights can get rather chilly.
  • Trail snacks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camera: You cannot miss taking photographs of the incredible full moon hikes.
  • A blanket: Just in case you would like to have a seat under the large full moon up top the peak of Lion’s Head.

Whether it be day or night time, if you planning on going on a hike, Lion’s Head is definitely the perfect choice, even for the beginner.

share your lollipop moment at the fringe on kloof in june

Two years ago this June, Thessa Bos and Chantal Louw, with a handful of pop-up shops to their name, opened the doors of their first permanent store in trendy Kloof Street. It was a dream come true and, as they say, without serendipitous moments and meetings, would not have been realised. This June, they will take a moment to thank the people who made a lasting contribution to their company and their lives, often without even realising their impact.

Inspired by Drew Dudley, who spoke at TEDx about how he connected two strangers with a lollipop and, without knowing, changed their lives forever, Chantal and Thessa are “setting out with you to thank the people who, through small moments on their parts, helped us make a huge difference in our lives.”

It is people such as Andrea Papan, who introduced my business partner and I, and Jodi Meiring, who tipped us about the shop on Kloof Street before it even came onto the market, without whom The Fringe Arts would not be what it is today,” say Chantal.

In June, The Fringe on Kloof’s windows will be dedicated to allowing everyone who has a lollipop moment of their own to say thank you to the person or people behind it. “We will provide all the goodies, from thank you cards to stamps – we will even walk to the post office. All you have to do is come by, take a seat, write a note and hand us the address and closed envelope. Help us pay our lollipop moment forward.”

In Drew’s words, “We’ve made leadership about changing the world, and there is no world. There are only six billion understandings of it and if you change one person’s understanding of it, one person’s understanding of what they’re capable of, one person’s understanding of how much people care about them, one person’s understanding of how powerful an agent for change they can be in this world, you change the whole thing”

If you can’t watch Drew’s full TED Talk, take two minutes to watch the compilation below:

99B Kloof street, Gardens
Shop 11B Alfred Mall, V&A Waterfront