Cape Town Superb

The amount of information available on the internet can be so overwhelming and most websites are not comprehensive enough to contain an answer to all your questions, Cape Town Superb is one of those all encompassing websites to make planning your trip to Cape Town as efficient as possible.

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Greyhound Bus Service

Whether going on holiday or simply visiting another town within South Africa, or Zimbabwe’s Harare and Bulawayo, and Mozambiques Maputo, the most comfortable choice, including the most experienced drivers and excellent customer service would be none other that Greyhound. Continue reading “Greyhound Bus Service”

Golden Arrow Bus Service!

Safe, reliable and cost effective transport that provides a fleet of modern, clean and well kept busses, driven only by the highest experienced drivers and ensuring your satisfaction is something the golden-arrow-bus-service achieves, and has achieved for the last 150 years.

With an exceptionally long and intricately interesting history, Golden Arrow Bus Service has shown steadfast commitment and unwavering dedication to the people and their needs. With over 700 MAN busses in the fleet, Golden Arrow’s bulk being MAN lion explorer brand, which are designed for the South African climate and road conditions yet they are manufactured to exact European standards of perfection.

Golden Arrow serves 1300 routes which covers an approximate area of 2460Km² within the metropolitan of Cape Town. The approximation of passengers transported daily during the week is 220 000 passengers to date, annually Golden Arrow Bus Service fleet travels 59.4 million kilometres and transports approximately 51.8 million passengers.

The busses used by Golden Arrow Bus Service are modern and immaculate, the drivers are always friendly and ready to assist with a smile. For timetables and ticket tariffs go to their easy to navigate website.

Cape Town Train Lodge

Step into an exquisitely unique 1950’s revamped vintage train coach and spend a night or two with exhilarating views of Table Mountain. The décor is simplistic yet immaculate. The feeling is somewhat surreal, as you seat yourself on black leather couches between two coaches.

Cape Town Train lodge is in fact a backpackers, and offers dormitory space as well, suitable for large groups. Situated in the City Centre of Cape Town, this one of a kind dream like lodge is close to all amenities and the rates are definitely affordable. With a lovely train coach style Rail Bistro Restaurant and fully equipped Cocktail Bar, even an evening dinner here is an experience that should be on your bucket list. Other facilities that they offer are:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Braai/BBQ facilities, spacious enough for outside functions
  • Cigar lounge, bar area with two large flat screen televisions
  • Laundry service
  • Public telephones, this keeps with the style of the atmosphere as well
  • 24hr security
  • Safe and secure parking

It is only in Cape Town where all these little secret gem experiences hide; Cape Town Train Lodge is one of those gems. Their website has an exquisite gallery and more information regarding bookings or general information and history.



Cape Town’s Private Hospitals.

Healthcare is something that we cannot escape; it is necessary to know about the options that you have when entering a country. South Africa’s private hospitals are extremely well kept and are of a first class standard. Cape Town’s most popular hospital being the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, Western Capes first private hospital to start a cardiacal surgical programme.

There are three main hospital groups in South Africa, Life Healthcare, Netcare and MediClinic. Each has their own set of hospitals, which they cover. Life Healthcare’s expertise lie in acute hospital care, stretching across nine of South Africas provinces the Life Healthcare hospitals are pristinely kept. Netcare has an extensive network of hospitals across South Africa as well as the United Kingdom. Netcare ensures that patient care is of utmost importance and that their staff are of the highest qualified, offering in house training and educational programmes, their staff are always kept up to date, well informed and fully trained. MediClinic Southern Africa are the third largest listed acute hospital operator outside of the USA. With over 7900 beds in 52 multidisciplinary hospitals, MediClinics staff and service are outstanding.

What forms of transport are there that are safe?

Cape Town is a city that thrives on tourism and it has had its fair share of bad press when it comes to transport with the recent Dewani murder case in 2010. But transport in Cape Town is generally safe and since the FIFA World Cup of 2010 there have been some significant improvements to the transport infrastructure of the city. But what forms of transport are there that are safe?

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Lions Head Full Moon Hike

Just like sunsets and sunrises the moon also puts on a superb show most nights in Cape Town. Cape Town has a uniquely spectacular way to see the moon and it costs nothing to do.

Lions Head, so named because from a distance the mountain looks like the head of a lion watching over Cape Town, is a popular peak to climb. The climb follows one of a handful of dedicated paths that have been established over the last few decades to make climbing to the top that bit easier and safer.

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Perfect your Dream Vacation with Kiba Tours

Throughout the world, tantalising the tongue of every tourist is the destination of Cape Town. Whether South African or not, everyone knows Cape Town is the hub of indescribably awe inspiring scenery, markets and marvels with no end, fauna and flora so widely varied that it would take an age or more to witness it all, without an experienced guide that is.

indexHighly qualified English, French and Portuguese speaking guides as diverse as Cape Town herself, and the Founder of Kiba Tours, Ornella Santos, is the answer to local or international tourists… with the unbelievable option of custom tweaking your very own tour on request, to 3 – 7 day honeymoon tours available, Kiba Tours, is a definite way to perfecting your dream vacation. Airport transfers are available, as well as service that goes the extra mile to insure the full magic of the experience that is The Mother City is always more than the imagination could have dreamed for.

They offer different set packages if you want to let the experts rather handle the destinations, ranging from Safari Tours; City Tours; Tours of the Winelands; Peninsula Tours and even captivating Whale Watching Tours. Cape Town is one of those destinations all the world should voyage to, having a guide with immaculate local knowledge and a company to service your every need, your dream vacation will be perfect.

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