The Mother City Covered in Style!

Surpassing over 86 different destinations within the City Sightseeing International Awards, Cape Town’s branch has received top accolades over and over again. Superior customer service and undying commitment to environmental sustainability, highly qualified tour operators and a system that provides the most thrilling and educational experience of Cape Town around, there is no choice but to use City Sightseeing Cape Town, for locals and tourists alike.

There is an entire section to the tours dedicated to children, every tour on the red buses has a children’s station, in amongst the option of 15 different languages to translate the tours into. Children, who join the Kids Club, are immediately entitled to a free tour with two friends. Their birthdays also qualify them for another complimentary tour with a friend.

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Ink in the Skin – The Tattoo Revolution

There are a thousand different reasons for marking our bodies, changing our canvass; just as there are myriad more different choices of who we will trust to perfect what our imagination has conjured up. They say the first time takes brevity or a drunken stupor to finally sit in the chair, or a long meditated journey of knowing exactly what you wish to place where. However, like Pringles; once you start you cannot stop… It is from the people who know and who have sat in the chair, not once but a few times that the following Tattoo Artists and Parlours in Cape Town are suggested:

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A Fitting Grand Finale for Team NAD

Eleventh on the final stage for a 12th overall and second place in the Absa African Jersey competition.

It was a fitting full circle for Gawie Combrinck and Nico Bell of NAD Pro MTB as they finished the 13th Absa Cape Epic at Meerendal Wine Farm, the same venue where their #8DaysOfCourage journey started a week ago.

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Great White Shark Adventure a Must do in Cape Town

There is a vista that many fear, a dramatic and divine panorama dared not to be ventured into. The oceans around Cape Town, home to the terrifying and largely misunderstood Great White Shark. There are few locations more exhilarating than the one found under the water; deep in the ocean, sharing the home of The Great White shark, definitely topping the list of breathtaking views available in Cape Town, and topping the list of adrenaline pumping things to do. Most of the shark diving companies available to choose from do the trips off Dyer Island which is home to approximately 30 000 cape fur seals, which is the main diet of the great white sharks. Below are three of your top reputable Shark Diving companies:

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Where are the Best Yoga Studios in Cape Town?

Finding the perfect physical; mental and spiritual balance is a tricky art in itself, something which yoga definitely is, in its umbrella term at least. The variety of schools and practices are as diverse as the people that practice them today. Finding your perfect balance; and your perfect discipline starts from the heart and in The Mother City there are a wide amount of schools and Yoga teachers to choose from, here are three of the top selected yoga schools and studios, so get your mat and your stretches on and let’s do some asanas… Continue reading “Where are the Best Yoga Studios in Cape Town?”

In the last few years 7 new wonders of the world have been decided upon.

With votes from all over the world the list took a number of years to complete and the final votes tallied. One of the new modern 7 natural wonders is something that is on the bucket list of many people to see along with the city it is in and the country that contains both.

Table Mountain rises up out of the sea behind the city of Cape Town and is one of the most majestic sights anyone can imagine. For hundreds of years the mountain has been admired and adored by people from the early trade days when Cape Town was little more than a stop off point for fresh water for sailing ships to the modern tourists of today.

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Lions Head Full Moon Hike

Just like sunsets and sunrises the moon also puts on a superb show most nights in Cape Town. Cape Town has a uniquely spectacular way to see the moon and it costs nothing to do.

Lions Head, so named because from a distance the mountain looks like the head of a lion watching over Cape Town, is a popular peak to climb. The climb follows one of a handful of dedicated paths that have been established over the last few decades to make climbing to the top that bit easier and safer.

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Coffee is a dance. It is a perfectly choreographed blend of presentation

Coffee is a dance. It is a perfectly choreographed blend of presentation; location; aroma and taste. To the true coffee lover there is nothing more sacred than the journey of seeking out and experiencing this dance in all its magnificence.

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Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the World

If sea salt runs through your veins, the feeling of the salty air beating against your skin gives you a shiver of excitement and your eyes find solace in the open seas; then there are 5 definite destinations your logbook must show sea miles for… The first and foremost would be the “spice Islands” or better known as The Grenadines. There are 32 Islands and cays to get wind of and only nine of these divine islands are inhabited, with a tropical weather in your sails, this is an adventure that is a prerequisite to anyone fairing the ocean adventures. Continue reading “Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the World”

You have to see this!!! – The Most Beautiful City on Earth

From the highest peaks of green and gold, overlooking the turquoise melting royal blue seas, with waves crashing on pristine white beaches, home to the hearts of surfers, tourists and Capetonians alike. Cape Town is the richest city in beauty unparalleled and magnificence in being. Nicknamed the Mother City, with her winding mountain passes and exotic fauna and flora, She exhibits Pandora’s box open wide to the world.

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