tintown has gone to the dogs…

It is with a feeling of total inevitability that we are announcing Tintown has finally gone to the dogs…

After more than a decade of designing totally fabulous lasercut homeware for all of mankind they decided it is high time that their focus shifted to a much more deserving customer: man’s best friend. Apparently it wasn’t too difficult, either; they generally like pets more than people.

So here is their totally fabulous range of over-the-door hooks and pet bowl holders for MBFF (Man’s Best Furry Friend). For more info or to shop online visit their website or purchase at any of their stockists.

For inquiries, contact Tintown on 021 426 2226 or email info@tintown.co.za

Cape Town Dog Parks

If you’re a dog lover then you know that the hassle of taking your furry friends for a walk in the city or your home areas is usually one of the biggest nightmares known to man, unless your canine has the personality of a rabbit, it is not a desirable thing to look forward to. Luckily enough the mother city offers fantastic parks where your animal family members may be taken for a walk without the stresses that the cities promise.

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