It’s a Heli – Harley experience

It is an experience that embodies superbly breathtaking sights and scenery, not only from high above the exquisite magnificence of the Groot Constantia Estate in one of the first grade helicopters from Cape Town Helicopters fleet but also when dining at the Simon’s Restaurant, and then added to that on a chauffeur driven Harley Davidson. The flight takes you up, up and away, high over the beautiful Hout Bay where you can view the panoramic excellence of the Mother City and the remarkable horizons lying over the deep blue seas, into the Groot Constantia Estate where more excellence awaits to be experienced by you. Continue reading “It’s a Heli – Harley experience”

Cape Town Helicopters brings you the Full Peninsula tour

The great expanse of the Cape Peninsula is as vast as it is divinely breathtaking, with rocky formations jutting out into the wide blue open ocean that makes up the mighty Atlantic. It is along this incredible expanse of land and sea that Cape Town Helicopters will fly you to witness the most incredible panoramic views that the Western Cape has to offer. The flight starts at the grand Victoria and Alfred Waterfont, and your journey begins toward the magnificence of the famous Cape of Good Hope. Continue reading “Cape Town Helicopters brings you the Full Peninsula tour”

Helicopter Rides at the V&A Waterfront

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is the mother cities hub of everything awesome, with over 450 retail outlets as well as dozens of well known restaurants and take away’s, markets and movies, it is no wonder that the V & A Waterfront is home to one of the top helicopter companies in all of the Western Cape – Cape Town Helicopters. Their main base is situated at the V & A Waterfront and they also have a shuttle which runs from inside the mall to their base for extra convenience. They are without a doubt one of the most beloved helicopter companies with the most proficient pilots on board in the mother city. Their fleet being top of the range, especially with their new added addition, the EC120, almost silent with added comfort like never experienced before. Continue reading “Helicopter Rides at the V&A Waterfront”

Afrikaburn helicopter transfer

If you have not heard of AfrikaBurn yet, then perhaps it is time to get clued up on this incredible gathering of the most creative, free spirited and self aware souls on the planet. One thing that is definitely a widespread piece of news on AfrikaBurn is that everything at the gathering is on the understanding around bartering and giving away freely, there is no use of monetary social conditioning whatsoever. People believe that AfrikaBurn is only open to a closed group of elite chosen people or underground hippies, but this is not the case, it is open to everyone regardless of your background or social status, as long as you adhere to the laws and bi-laws that are carefully outlined on their easy to navigate website:

Traveling by car or by taxi, or even in groups with lift clubs and that sort of thing is one of the biggest hassle that many face when going to AfrikaBurn, however one of the greatest ways to arrive at the AfrikaBurn festival is without a doubt via helicopter. Not only is arriving via helicopter much faster and safer, it is also hassle free and ensures that you arrive on time in style. There are however a few things to note when traveling via helicopter to AfrikaBurn, such as the closure of the old runway. There are specific forms to be filled out and these forms can easily be downloaded from their website mentioned above, which once completed will allow you to receive your allocation number which is essential to you being allowed to land at AfrikaBurn. There is also great demand for a prior understanding of the airstrip ATZ 1500/GND and before anyone flies into the area, the airspace that will be used should be respected and fully understood in terms of requirements.

It is also noted that when flying into the airspace mentioned above that you have agreed to and acknowledged the indemnity clauses associated with the use of the said airstrip as well as the AfrikaBurn ticketing, which is mentioned on the disclaimer on their website. It is wise to take note of the fact that a ticket to AfrikaBurn must be purchased prior to landing at the said airstrip or even arriving at the festival as there are no tickets for sale on the premises. It is also stipulated that before you can receive the above mentioned form for download to receive your allocation number you are to create a ‘burner bio’ and through that login to their website with the details sent to you via email.

Cape Town Helicopter present the Winelands Charters.

The mother city does nothing in small doses, in fact everything that she offers is done in absolute style and perfection, it is the place of awe-inspiring journeys and experiences. Cape Town is also famous all over the world for the amazing wine that she produces, the phenomenal wine lands that she holds dear to her bosom, and the intensely breathtaking beauty in which these wine lands are set. Cape Town Helicopters offer the most supremely spectacular way of seeing and experiencing the four most formidable wine lands that the Cape has to offer.

Continue reading “Cape Town Helicopter present the Winelands Charters.”

Helicopter Rides in Cape Town

There is no experience on land or sea that can possibly rival with the experience of having a birds eye view from high up in the bluest of skies, above one of the most beautiful cities on this big blue planet. A helicopter ride is a completely different experience to flying in a fixed wing, one does not feel as though you are moving forward and depending on the craft, it has a surreal feeling of standing still above the earth, it has been described by many as being almost godlike. Cape Town is filled with myriad places of immense beauty and when choosing to take a helicopter ride to get a better more compact view of the incredibly magnificent expanse that is the mother city, your perceptions widen and you understand why it was voted one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

There are many companies which will take you up, up and around to sight see from the sky, but there are only a few that are regarded as the cream of the crop with incredibly professional staff on hand, and pilots that are some of the best in the country if not the entire world. Below is a brief list of two of the top Helicopter Charters providing the most thrilling helicopter rides in Cape Town:

Cape Town Helicopters

Without a doubt, this Helicopter Charter company which has a sub company concentrating solely on flights around Table Mountain, is one of the top in its class. The packages range from extensive tours in, around and along the Atlantic Coast. Flights to Cape Point, scenic flights that have you witness the incredible beauty of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. There are extensive packages that have you travelling through the various phenomenal wine lands that the Cape has to offer as well as Safari Game Reserve visits. Above and beyond the scenic and wine land flights Cape Town Helicopters offers packages with a difference which include chauffeur driven Harley Davidson drives, experiences of the Cavalli Gold wine estate, as well as Shark cage dives, and zip lining through incredibly beautiful terrains. Make sure to check out their website

Huey Helicopter Company

An experience with a difference, if you have watched Apocalypse Now, M.A.S.H, Full Metal Jacket or Platoon then you have laid eyes on the Huey you will fly. Manufactured in 1966, and assigned to the Assault Brigade from 1966 – 1968, which was followed by the Huey doing several tours across Germany and Alaska, this is truly a legend to be flown. It has a whole list of achievements before it was purchased and prepared for civilian use, which can be viewed on their website It really is an incredible experience to be had so make sure to make a booking today. Its an exclusive thing to have said you have flown in a ex Vietnamese authentic Huey!

Robben Island Helicopter Tour

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the world from a birds point of view, except seeing one of the most iconic UNESCO heritage sites in South Africa from a almost silent state of the art helicopter, flown by some of the most professional and friendly pilots known to the South African shores. Cape Town helicopters offers this phenomenal experience to you at the best rates in Cape Town. The entire experience of flying with Cape Town Helicopters in their top class EC130 and viewing the entire Robben Island with expert commentary and knowledgeable answers to all the questions you may have is an unmatched voyage which must be undertaken when visiting Cape Town.

The entire history of Robben Island is mainly encased in the fact that the late president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was incarcerated in one of the prisons on the Island. It is common knowledge that he served 18 years on the island during the Apartheid regime. However the rest of the rich history of the island is lost in light of this, and what an immensely rich history it is. One can of course take the online tour and see all the sights there are to be seen, you can also take the tour by ferry and then by foot, but even though any tour of Robben Island adds great value to your historical knowledge and is truly awesome, the aerial perspective that one gets from a helicopter tour over the island is truly awe-inspiringly amazing. The helicopter tour gives one the understanding of the distances from the Cape Town coastline and the surrounds, as Robben Island was used as a WW2 defense base, and has a high concentration of WW2 artifacts.

Above and beyond holding former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Robben Island’s prisons also saw the likes of former acting president, Kgalema Mothlanthe who served a short term as president after Thabo Mbeki stepped down, Thabo Mbeki’s father, Govan Mbeki was also held on the island and even though he was sentenced to life, was released in 1987 by P.W. Botha. Current president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma also served time on the island. The former Arch bishop of Cape Town, Njongonkulu Ndungane, as well as Robert Sobukwe, former leader of the PAC, whose house can be seen from the air, also spent time being incarcerated on the island. The list of well known politicians, presidents, freedom fighters, activists as well as many other people who helped reform South Africa into the rainbow nation that it has become, which was the life long dream of former president, Nelson Mandela, can be added to the rich history of Robben Island.

Robben Island has so many millions of historically rich details that are lost when traveling by foot on the island, there are so many more rich and epic treasures to be seen from the air. Even though Cape Town offers many companies which offer fabulous helicopter rides across the island, none have the silent EC130 by their side as well as having the most professional and well versed pilots to take you on a trip across the most epic pieces of South African history.

View of Table Mountain from the air

If you have visited Cape Town or are planning a visit to the great and beautiful mother city, then you have definitely heard of the 7th natural wonder of the world – Table Mountain. If you’re a local Capetonian then you definitely know the huge King ruler of Cape Town, and have probably had the phenomenal opportunity to either take the exquisite hikes up Table Mountains slopes or used the Table Mountain Aerial Cable Car, if not then you better make an effort to visit the spectacular iconic majesty of the mother city. One thing that is unfortunately very rarely thought about is seeing the peak of this gigantic divinity from the air, and there is no better way than to view the summit of Table Mountain in all its majestic glory than to do it via the almost silent EC130 helicopter.

To be a bird must be the greatest thing as far as witnessing the marvel that is this planet each and every day, luckily humans figured out how to fly, and so with the highly professional skills of expert pilots and state of the art helicopters in their fleets, Cape Town Helicopters bring you the great opportunity to view the indescribable awe-inspiring grandeur that is Table Mountain from the air. The general idea is that one views the mountain and its shrubbery and it looks as though it would when you are standing on the peak, so why not simply take the Cable Car? Incorrect, the feeling that you get, the rush of endorphin’s and the change of perceptions that occur when flying next to the highest peak is simply incredible. The words fall short of the absolutely intense majesty that befalls one when you come face to face with this enormous beauty.

When standing on the peak, the panoramic views are achieved by walking from one side of the peak to the other, however once in the helicopter, it’s a mind blowing blast of exceptional splendor all at once, combined with the breathtaking realization of the actual enormity that Table Mountain is. One does not achieve this freedom in feeling from simply hiking up the slopes, or taking the Cable Car, different feelings of awesome are achieved, but when taking a helicopter trip and being face to face with the majesty of Cape Town, words are replaced by overwhelming feelings of awe. If there is one way of encompassing all the greatness that is Cape Town in one experience, then booking your flight up over  Table Mountain at Cape Town Helicopters is the way to finally feel that experience. Highly experienced pilots with a witty friendliness are at your beck and call, and their state of the art fleet makes this voyage everything that it spells out to be and so much more.

Helicopter Tours Cape Town

The Mother City has so much to offer, known as one of the most beautiful cities on earth, it is not surprising that She encompasses so many marvelous sites and wonders for the soul. To see everything is truly the expedition of a brave man, to know which sites are the best and which are not is perhaps even more tricky, however with a helicopter all things are possible, with Cape Town helicopters fleet of top notch state of the art helicopters as well as their new addition, the EC120 the once daunting task of experiencing the wonder that is Cape Town becomes something exciting and definitely possible.

This 18 staff strong company, with 5 of the most professional and friendly pilots around has the most comprehensive detailed tours of Cape Town’s most divine must see sights on a silver platter for you to choose from.  They cover everything from what they call the scenic flights, which take off from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront where their quaint yet pristine base is situated, and take you on your choice of either The Two Oceans, The Atlantico, Robben Island or the intensely inspiring Full Peninsula flight. Each one of these scenic flights is an entire novel encompassing awe-inspiring marveling moments that cannot be achieved any other way. Details on the exact locations covered during the flights can be found on their website at

Cape Town helicopters then offer the Wineland tours to all those that want to come to experience the incredible perfection and divine taste that has made the wines of the Western Cape famous the world over. The Wine land Charters cover Constantia, Durbanville, Stellenbosch as well as Franschoek and you are given the opportunity, not only to view the magnificent beauty of these respective wine lands but also to have lunch on your own account and choosing and then be chartered back to their base at The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Cape Town Helicopters take you to two amazing Game Reserves as well, namely Aquilla and San Bona. Then Cape Town Helicopters bring you the incredible specialized tours which range from full day Safari experiences in the famous Heli Zip, to exceptionally thrilling Shark cage diving or the Heli Harley tour, as well as the Cavalli Gold experience.

Cape Town Helicopters are always on the ball, their Facebook page is constantly updated with new and exciting tours, photographs and news on current ones as well as general interaction with the public. Overall if it is the marvelous majestic Cape Town that you want to see the using Cape Town Helicopters is definitely the company that you want to use.