Jason Bakery

Its fresh and it has personality. When you think of a bakery, you think of worn out chefs with anger issues that hide away for fear of attacking the customers who are always right with a french loaf, or you think of the South African, Ouma’s pantry that started a small bakery and thought it would be a better place to be than in front of the television, or even a place that smells good, has good produce but it’s a buy and leave relationship, well Jason Bakery has none of that except that it smells like a mixture of heaven and all things heavenly and everything they have on offer is exceptionally awesome.

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Tamboers Winkel

You want unconventional conventionality in a modern setting with quirky undertones of sarcasm which is in fact the highest form of intelligence, meandering a brilliant capetonian sense of humour in a menu which tantalises tastebuds you did not know you had and couples that with those special delightful wines we don’t find in the normal shops? Well that perfect place exists at no. 3 de Lorentz Street and its name is simply put The Tamboers Winkel.

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Saturday Market at The Palms

Hustle and bustle and colourful delicacies everywhere you look. Delicious aromas swirl around you as you drift between all the interestingly flavorful wares on offer. One of the cleanest, most well kept markets by far; Market at The Palms is a mouthwatering experience for a Saturday morning. Continue reading “Saturday Market at The Palms”

Perseverance Tavern

The rich history of Cape Town has been preserved in many a place in the Mother City, Perseverance Tavern is one of these places. From 1808, weary travellers that docked at van Riebeeck jetty would come to stay at Perseverance Tavern in what was known as Slave’s walk, now called Buitekant Street.

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The Jiji Juice Bar

The entire world has moved towards a healthier way of living, conscious of what we put into our bodies, after all it is true that you are what you eat. Lower loop street has this phenomenally quaint juice bar called Jiji Juice, while they make the juices and smoothies the aroma of fresh fruit and vegetables fill the air and your mouth begins to water…

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