Top Nights Out in South Africa

For visitors to the Rainbow Nation, here are few top tips for a really great night out – South Africa style!

Bassline, Johannesburg

Over 20 years old, the Bassline has firmly established itself as one of the most popular bars and live music venues in Johannesburg. The bar’s stated mission is to promote cross-cultural music while giving new talent its chance. By doing this, visitors have the opportunity to sample some really cool and interesting new sounds. Despite going on a two-year hiatus when the bar was temporarily shut down, it is still widely regarded as the city’s pre-eminent African jazz club and regularly performing popular international musicians line up to play here. As for the crowds, they can enjoy the purpose-built 1,000-seat auditorium and 150-seat venue. Strong on musical morals and a chilled out, peace promoting vibe, music lovers should definitely stop by when in Johannesburg.

Montecasino, Johannesburg

For visitors to Johannesburg, how about a little fun at the casino? The Montecasino, over in Fourways in north Jo’burg, is an award winning casino that offers thrilling gaming. Here there are lots of slot machines, which are hugely popular, and over 100 of which offer progressive jackpots. Montecasino also features more than 78 gaming tables including American Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps (dice) and Blackjack. For the poker, regular tournaments are held keeping the stakes high. Play for fun, play for money, either way just make a visit to the Montecasino and play! Top tip; if you are thinking of making a trip to the casino, a good idea is to familiarise yourself with the games you plan on playing live before you go. Or, perhaps, just sharpen up your skills. Either way, it is always best to practise at an online casino before you go especially if you are wagering large sums of money.

Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar, Cape Town

Situated inside a 181-year-old building in the Cape Town city centre, the Tjing Tjing, a bar housed within a renovated attic, offers perfect views of the cityscape courtesy of their small outside terrace. Inside, it’s cosy and dark timber and red leather themed, spinning out great tunes to its trendy customer base. The bar feels Japanese and this is no coincidence as the owner is a huge fan of the country and has applied its style to the décor here. Despite its Japanese style, the menu is most definitely not. It’s not even eastern at all, opting instead to serve a Tapas menu, authentically Spanish, save for the roast suckling pig seared over the wood-fired oven on the balcony. Then there is the wine list, which is exhausting to say the least, right down to their wine of the week. Happily, the owners are also passionate about music and prioritise their musical playlists, to please the urban creatives that make up their crowd. It isn’t hard to see why, back in 2012, the Tjing Tjing was listed by Conde Nast Traveller as one of their favourite new bars.

Orlando Stadium, Johannesburg

Visitors to Jo’burg are encouraged to take in a game. This being South Africa, you have a choice of Cricket, Rugby and Football. One of the biggest Football teams in The Rainbow Nation are the Orlando Pirates who play at the Orlando Stadium Parktown, Johannesburg. The club was established in 1937 and takes its name from the 1940 film, The Sea Hawk, starring Errol Flynn. The stadium, built in 1959, holds 40,000 fans and is always packed with excitable supporters, overdressed in team colours. This is never more so than when they play against fierce rivals the Kaizer Chiefs in their local derby. The stadium was given a face lift to get it up to FIFA’s standards in time for its use in the 2010 World Cup, hosted in South Africa and, although it is officially a Football ground, the stadium has also been used for concerts and even Boxing matches. For a slice of real South African life, sport is definitely the way to go.

10 Cape Town sushi spots to suit every pocket

Surrounded by ocean on three sides, it’s no surprise Cape Town is brimming with great sushi restaurants. Whether you value panoramas, price or perfectly authentic sushi, the city is your culinary oyster… or California Roll.

How deep are your pockets? That’s the first question you need to ask yourself before setting off for an evening of sushi in Cape Town.

If they’re not too deep, you’re in luck: Cape Town abounds with affordable sushi restaurants. What’s more, if you dine at lunchtime you’ll find set menus and discount a la carte offerings that make a sushi meal seem like a bargain. In the city centre Active Sushi is usually a good bet, while the low-key Café Paparazzi in St George’s mall serves office workers a quick sushi lunch at good prices. Out of the city centre, Salushi in Claremont and Empire Sushi on Sea Point’s Main Road both offer top-notch sushi at good prices.

If you have a few extra rands to spare, you’re spoilt for choice. Locals swear by Willoughby’s & Co. at the popular V&A Waterfront shopping precinct: the sushi is excellent, and well priced for the quality. The downside? You’re eating in a shopping mall. If you’re going to eat sushi in a mall, rather do it at nearby Balducci’s where you can at least enjoy the harbour views.

Or, better still, head for Izakaya Matsuri. Hidden behind The Rockwell hotel in Green Point it’s a little hard to find, but worth seeking out. Forget boring old California Rolls and look forward to the likes of crunchy tempura eel, and spider rolls with real crab legs. Make sure you start with the excellent miso soup.

In the bohemian suburb of Observatory, 1890 Sushi House is a local favourite with plenty of charm to match the excellent sushi. It’s a little off the beaten track for tourists, but combines excellent value with extremely good sushi. Ask if they have eel available: their Dragon Rolls with roasted eel are memorable.

Takumi in the city centre is also memorable, not least for the famously cantankerous sushi chef known simply as Papa-san. Tucked away a few steps from buzzy Kloof Street, this is a great option for a platter before a party. Papa-san likes to get creative, so although you’ll find good rolls and sashimi here, get ready to be adventurous.

The same goes for Kyoto Garden, just up the road. This serene, stylish restaurant offers perhaps the most authentic Japanese cuisine in the city, and before you move on to sushi you shouldn’t miss out on the array of Japanese-inspired dishes. It’s expensive, but worth every cent for top-notch cooking. The sushi blends authenticity with adventure, and some of the finest fresh fish in the Mother City. Save your rands and pay it a visit.

The Mother City Covered in Style!

Surpassing over 86 different destinations within the City Sightseeing International Awards, Cape Town’s branch has received top accolades over and over again. Superior customer service and undying commitment to environmental sustainability, highly qualified tour operators and a system that provides the most thrilling and educational experience of Cape Town around, there is no choice but to use City Sightseeing Cape Town, for locals and tourists alike.

There is an entire section to the tours dedicated to children, every tour on the red buses has a children’s station, in amongst the option of 15 different languages to translate the tours into. Children, who join the Kids Club, are immediately entitled to a free tour with two friends. Their birthdays also qualify them for another complimentary tour with a friend.

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Lila Vie Hair Salon

There exists the perfectly quaint, intimately exquisite boutique on lower loop street. The Lila Vie staff work like a little family, a rainbow of soul sisters, friendly, helpful and highly qualified individuals whom, together with the artistic design, create the ideal setting to beautify male and female clients alike. Continue reading “Lila Vie Hair Salon”

Perfect Balance – Mountain Falls Water

The average adult human body consists of 50 – 65% water, a large percentage of the drinking water in South Africa is 500 times more acidic than pH7, which is the neutral level at which water should be perfectly balanced with. Thus far only one water balances in perfect harmony with a pH7, Mountain Falls Water. Continue reading “Perfect Balance – Mountain Falls Water”

Just a few things to know about Cape Town Superb

Cape Town, South Africa

The one thing that makes this beautiful town of South Africa famous is the existence of multi-culture along with the indigenous culture of the African continent. It is the second largest city in South Africa and has the mix nationalities like British, German, Dutch, French co-existing peacefully together. This amazing city holds the flat-topped Mountain named Table Mountain, Cape Wine lands, the beautiful world famous beaches along with an amazing friendly and lively city. Allow us to give you some insight to this beautiful city to include it in your next itinerary,

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What forms of transport are there that are safe?

Cape Town is a city that thrives on tourism and it has had its fair share of bad press when it comes to transport with the recent Dewani murder case in 2010. But transport in Cape Town is generally safe and since the FIFA World Cup of 2010 there have been some significant improvements to the transport infrastructure of the city. But what forms of transport are there that are safe?

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The Very Best Cape Town Activities

Cape Town has an activity for anyone, young or old, outgoing or not, fit or not so fit, indoors or out. The City and the surrounds has something for you, it is the reason why the place is a great place to live and a top destination for tourists.

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