fantastic variety show at the baxter to benefit uel maree

A tragic accident that resulted in a broken neck left Uel Maree paralysed. Whether through his work at Bootcamp South Africa, leading on Youth Camp or just visiting children to brighten their Christmas Days, Uel is an active participant in making a positive difference and having a profound influence on many young lives.

Uel has undergone one surgery so far, from which he is recovering well. However, the medical costs involved in a potential full recovery are exorbitant, so a few of his friends have arranged a benefit to help support his family and help with costs.

The fantastic line-up includes: stand-up comedian Stuart Taylor (Going Nowhere Slowly/Learner Husband/Money’s too tight to Mention); top ventriloquist Conrad Koch (Puppet Asylum); illusionists Ryan Sharp and Adri Du Toit (SA’s Got Talent Finalists); acrobats Dorothy Cole and Jenny Lill (Madame Zingara); scarf aerialist Eon van Zyl (Vaudeville); comedy magician Charles Tertiens (Madame Zingara); world champion Adage dancers Duo Lidan (Madame Zingara’s); triple trapeze artists Wendy Knol, Justine Whyte and Jaimee Allen (Vaudeville); international BBoy champion Duane Lawrence; singers Dane Paarman (Grease / Cats / Hairspray) and Nurit Graff (Mama Mia / Cinderella); acrobats Jenny Le Roux and Dorothy Cole with a breathtaking duo acrobatic performance – and more.

All artists are performing free of charge, which means all money raised through ticket sales go towards Uel’s medical costs.

The show takes place on Sunday, 22 January at 3pm. Tickets cost R160 and are available through Computicket.

For more info visit the Facebook Event page

café caprice’s annual beach volleyball tournament happens 3 march

24 Teams of Cape Town and Brazil’s beautiful will once again battle it out in the annual Café Caprice Industry Volleyball Tournament on Camps Bay Beach from 11h00 – 17h00 on 3 March 2012. Made possible by Havana Club Rum, a breathless day is forecast and will set the stage for one of the city’s most fun and eye-candy filled events this year, with teams battling it out for the 2012 trophy, Sunglass Hut sponsored sunnies, Havaianas vouchers and Havana Club beach kits.

Gorgeous sun protection girls come standard, armed with sun spray to ensure that all players remain sunburn free, whilst spectators are spoilt to summer beats by Rich Hardiman of 2Oceansvibe Radio fame, who will be broadcasting live for the station on the day.

Throw in delicious Red Bull mocktails, Café Caprice gourmet snacks, luxurious Havana Club Cabanas and deck chairs and you’re bound to be part of one of the best days the Mother City has to offer this side of summer.

A day of fun in the sun while supporting your favourite team.

For table bookings on the day of the tournament, call 021 438 8315 or mail

For more information on the day, call 021 434 6370 or mail

easter ‘egg’-citement at the v&a waterfront

A lot is happening at the V&A Waterfront this Easter but we’re highlighting two f our favourites.

First up is the very impressive Lindt Gold Bunny Maze. In perhaps the best Easter Egg Hunt in town, little ones can make their way through the maze in search of delicious chocolate bunnies every hour. It takes place every day until 8 April, between 11am and 7pm, and it’s free.

If you have a Twitter account (or need motivation to open one) the V&A is also running a competition in which you can win a GIANT Lindt Gold Bunny. Take your picture at the maze, tweet it to @VandAWaterfront with hashtag #HiddenTreasures and you’ll go into the draw, which takes place on 10 April. Terms & conditions apply and are available here.

The exquisite, handmade Venetian Carousel should not be missed. Built in the original 1800s fashion with intricate murals hand painted by Venetian artists, it contains 1800 lights, Brazilian oak floors, two floors of horses that move up and down, as well as spinning teacups and dolphin chariots that sway back and forth.

The carousal is open from 9am to 9pm at the Clock Tower Square and costs R10 per person.

For detail information on all the Easter activities – including specials for adults, like half price cocktails – visit the V&A Waterfront website.

the exquisite bunny corpse auction

So what is an Exquisite Bunny Corpse auction exactly? Chantelle, co-founder of ‘sweet & soutie’ lets us in on the details.

In a nutshell…
Cape Town design blog/collective/collaboration ‘sweet ‘n soutie’ started the Exquisite Bunny Corpse, a little project where all members contributed to creating and making collaborative designer bunnies, to be auctioned off to raise money to buy the things on the Skiereiland Maatskaplike Dienste’s wish list.

Where it all began…
‘Sweet & soutie’ is a creative network of local cape town designers, crafters, thing-makers, that Henriette and I (Chantelle) started, where we get together over coffee and good food, and chat, network and play. We meet every 6-8 weeks, and each ‘meeting’ has a theme.

The exquisite bunny corpse…
One of the themes was ‘with these small hands…’ – we can make a difference. We wanted to physically make a difference with our own hands by hand making something to raise funds for a charity. As all of our members so far are women, often with small kids, we all agreed that we wanted to choose a charity that supports babies or children

Inspired by the Dada movement’s ‘exquisite corpse’ idea, our idea was that as a design collaboration, we make designer bunnies. The bunnies started off as basic forms that got passed through the group and anyone who was keen added a little something, whether a face, tail, ears, scarf, jersey, teddy, etc. Each bunny had a very specific personality, and often a whole story to their background. The result is that each unique bunny was finished by at least 3 or more creatives, who physically added to the form as well as their particular story/ personality.

Each bunny also has a book of life, designed and handmade, in which every step in the creative process was documented. Each contributor got to write in the book, telling a little story or explaining what and why they added that particular detail, often adding little illustrations and/or fabric swatches etc.

Finally, with the help of ‘Haas Collective’ the bunnies will be auctioned off and the funds raised will be used to buy the things on our charity’s wish list. The auction takes place at Haas in Rose Street on Saturday, 5 May from 10:30am to 1pm and if you’d like to attend you’ll need to RSVP before 1 May to

Details can be found on Facebook or at the ‘sweet & soutie’ website

Introducing our bunnies…

  • Edna – our 70’s ‘haasvrou’, ready to cook and clean, with her bent ear and frilly apron, makes us all reminisce of our mothers and grandmothers with a tray full of rusks or cookies.
  • Freddie – the bunny who started it all. Freddie is our very camp bunny, ever so stylish in his waistcoat and bow tie.
  • Bruce – our not-so-bright Australian bunny, with his ‘skwiff’ little face, buck teeth, spectacles, belt and tie.
  • Reggie – our only recycled bunny, started out as a teddy bear from 3 years ago, was recycled into a ‘two-sided’ bunny. Initially a sad pathetic little soul, he was adopted and loved so much that he is now one of our favourites.

  • Schwe-etie – our youngest and sweetest little bunny, just had to be made with a piece of donated schwe-schwe fabric. With the face of an angel and her tiny toy bunny, she needs to be adopted and loved.

  • Conchita – stepsister to Hector; a Mexican bunny who ran away from home as a teenager and lived in the bush with the guerilla forces, she has a sweet heart, but knows how to handle her weapon and doesn’t take shit from anyone.
  • Hector – stepbrother to Conchita, living in Mexico; also has a kind soul, a strong religious background, and what he lacks in smarts he makes up for with his charitable inclinations to the aged.
  • Petronellatjie – our favourite little boeremeisie, crocheted and made with hand printed protea fabric, shows off those sexy legs with her lace bloomers and springbok fur heart.

  • Locos el Rabbirto – our Mexican wrestler bunny, inspired by the movie ‘Nacho Libre’, has all the makings of a star; with his embroided mask, boots and cape, and his fluffy sheepskin tail, he’s ready for the ring.

  • Paris – our oh-so glamorous bling bunny, spends long hours in the spa, wrapped in her monogrammed gown and slippers. Oh, the life of a kept bunny!

The charity and their wish list…
We made the decision that we’d rather make a big difference to a small charity than a little difference to a big charity. The challenge was to find one that was doing amazing things with little support or resources. Not exactly something that you can type into Google and get a list of! So we began by asking everyone we know, and everyone they know, and started getting feedback on all sorts of charities.

Eventually, one of our members, Tessa, suggested we contact a colleague, Katherine, who has adopted two kids already and was so moved by the charity that she is now personally involved. They are based in Elsiesrivier and are called ‘Skiereiland Maatskaplike Dienste’ (Peninsula Social Services), but are not well supported at all.

How they work is, they have a drop-off point or collect babies/kids that moms no longer want or are unable to care for. These “abandoned angels” are placed in one of two children’s homes and the charity begins the task of finding foster/adoptive care for them. The kids that ‘arrive’ at their office in Elsiesrivier are often very sick, filthy and starving, so the organisation makes sure they have a supply cupboard of essentials after which the babies/kids are often rushed off to the closest government hospital for treatment.

Their wish list is as follows:

  • Nappies – all sizes
  • Formula – Infacare
  • Wet wipes – any make
  • Baby toiletries – wash/shampoo, baby powder, bum cream, aqueous cream/soap
  • Baby clothes – all sizes
  • Furniture/accessories – changing mats, baths, prams, cots, camping cots etc
  • School stationery – pencils, rulers, rubbers, round tip scissors, exam pads, etc.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Henriette and Chantelle at

gareth cliff at alba lounge this sunday

The Peroni Sunday Sessions this Sunday, April 29, 2012 features Gareth Cliff and a hot local DJ line up. If you arrive before 7pm, entry is free, but for those who’d like to arrive later, if you pop on over to the Facebook event page and RSVP, you can win tickets to the night.

You also stand a chance of winning Peroni Yacht tickets for you and nine of your friends on the night!

Check out Alba Lounge’s delectable cocktail and Italian-styled tapas menu at their website and follow them on Facebook for regular updates on what’s happening.

indiana jones & salsation fridays

Cooler temperatures are still around this weekend, so what better way to warm up than by doing the Salsa. Swap your boots for dancing shoes and head on down to the Daddy Cool Bar for Salsation, the enormously popular Friday Salsa evenings starting at 9pm. Entrance is free and drinks specials will be available to loosen up those limbs.

But if snuggling up with a classic movie is your idea of the best way to beat the cold, then head to The Rooftop on Monday with Indiana Jones.

The year is 1936. Archaeology professor Indiana Jones is hired to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do. His epic adventure sees him journeying across continents doing battle with Nazis and his nemesis, René Belloq.

The movie starts at 19h00; get there early to enjoy a welcome drink and reserve your seats. Although Monday’s weather is expected to be cool and clear – and the rooftop has heaters and wall flaps, perfect for snuggling – if conditions do take a turn for the worse, please contact Grand Daddy just to check if the movie is still showing.

Three ticket options are available:

The Ultimate Drive in Cinema Experience
R600 per camper sharing, which includes a welcome drink, movie, gourmet picnic and sleep over in trailer. (R800 per person sharing to stay in the Trailer Suite)

The Gourmet Foodie
R150 per person sharing, which includes a welcome drink & Gourmet picnic. Add R120 for a bottle of wine (white or red) or R135 for a bottle of bubbly

The Old School
R60 per person gets you a welcome drink, old school sweeties and popcorn

E-mail for tickets.

two great battles, two great nations – anglo-zulu war talks by rob caskie

Rob Caskie is a world renowned storyteller specialising in talks about two famous battles of the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War.

So riveting are Rob’s depictions that he was honoured with an invitation by the Royal Geographic Society of London to address their members. Rob delivers his talks with a balanced view of both sides and with unrivalled passion and enthusiasm that you can’t but help feel as if you are in the middle of these two historic battles.

Rob is presenting two talks – The Battle of Isandlwana and The Battle of Rorke’s Drift – at the One & Only on 31 May and 6 June, as follows:

31 May 2012

  • 11:30am: The Battle of Isandlwana
  • 6:30pm: The Battle of Rorke’s Drift

6 June 2012

  • 11:30am: The Battle of Rorke’s Drift
  • 6:30pm: The Battle of Isandlwana

The talks take place in The Ballroom and will be followed by either lunch or dinner in Reuben’s. Cost is R225 per person. To book call 021 431 4511 or email

The Anglo-Zulu War
The Anglo Zulu of 1879 is a justly famous chapter in British history. A campaign created by British officials in Natal, without the sanction of Britain, largely on account of the supposed military threat posed by the Zulu army to Carnarvon’s Confederation plan for South Africa. Leaders in Natal believed the war would be over in 3 weeks – how wrong they would be!

The Battle of Isandlwana, 22nd January 1879. British defeat or Zulu victory?
Scarcely 10 days after the invasion of Zululand began, disaster struck at Isandlwana. Whilst Lord Chelmsford was away with 60% of the force in search of the main Zulu Army, the remaining force of 1 800 British soldiers was overwhelmed by 25 000 Zulu Warriors. In less than 2 hours more than 1 300 British soldiers lay dead in what some view as the greatest military defeat the British suffered at the hand of a native army in their entire colonial history. Strange too, that the Sphinx-shaped Isandlwana mountain looks just like the Sphinx on the regimental insignia of the 24th Regiment of Foot.

Rorke’s Drift
The battle of Rorke’s Drift, 22nd January 1879. An account of this epic defence against impossible odds
Who would ever have conceived that a force of roughly 4 000 Zulu warriors would immediately run on from Isandlwana to attack Rorke’s Drift some 10 miles away? At Rorke’s Drift, comprising of little more than a makeshift hospital and a store, the desperate British soldiers prepared a barricade 4 feet high, built of mielie bags and awaited the Zulu onslaught. A fierce battle then waged for almost 10 hours; 139 British soldiers held out against the 4 000 Zulus. This remarkable battle saw the award of 11 Victoria Crosses and 5 Distinguished Conduct Medals, immortalised by the classic movie “Zulu”. It is the largest number of VC’s awarded for a single action in history.

café caprice hosts the entrepreneur dinners

Cafe Caprice and Fish Eagle Brandy invite you to dine with eight inspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, who will give you insights into their rise to success and how to make it in today’s business world.

From 7pm on 21 June, 5 July, 12 July and 19 July, you can enjoy a 3-course meal prepared by Caprice’s chef Guy Theunissen, a brandy tasting, and talk by entrepreneurs who have been through it all and come out on top, all for R150 p/p. Space is limited so book by mailing with your name, contact details and the date for which you’d like to book.

The line-up is as follows:

21 June | Mxit CEO Alan Knott-Craig Jnr
Alan is founder of World of Avatar and CEO of Mxit, Africa’s largest social network. Between 2003 and 2006 Alan co-founded five companies in the mobile services sector. In 2006 he was appointed managing director of South African broadband network, iBurst, and in 2008 published the best-selling book, Don’t Panic, aimed at persuading emigrant South Africans to return home.

Also in 2008, Alan founded The Trust, an NGO focused on assisting charities in assessing skills and capital. In 2009 he was named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and his latest book, Mobinomics, the story of Mxit and mobile in Africa will be released in June.

5 July | 2Oceansvibe
As founder and CEO of 2Oceansvibe Media, Seth Rotherham has proven that there are ways to make a success out of a sideline. With the blogging days behind him (over 15 Blog of The Year awards) and over 20 staffers on hand at, 2Oceansvibe Media has exploded into a South Africa phenomenon – as Seth somehow continues to live the holiday.

2Oceansvibe Radio launched in 2010 with DJ Rich Hardiman ex KFM at the helm and now boasts over 40000 regular listeners, with celebrity hosts such as Mark Bayly of Survivor fame and Bob Skinstad entertaining and enlightening listeners daily.

12 July | FoxP2
Founded in 2005, FoxP2 is an award-winning advertising agency with accolades such as a number of Loerie Grand Prixs, Cannes and One Show golds, as well as Finweek Magazine’s South African Campaign of the Decade, under its belt.

CEO Charl Thom recently made it onto Finweek’s “Advertising A-List” which comprises the top 30 people in the industry as voted for by their peers. In the same issue, Fox2P received a perfect 10/10 rating – the only agency out of 100 scored to do so.

19 July | CEO 4Di Group
At 28, and one of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, Justin Stanford defies all stereotypes of a high-school dropout – which he became when he left school in Standard 9.

Inspired by Bill Gates and the young millionaires of the internet boom, Stanford ditched the text book guide to life and started his first company at 18. After two unsuccessful attempts, he discovered a genius piece of anti-Virus software that propelled him to where he is today: sitting atop a multimillion-Rand IT empire spanning five companies.

On any given day, he collaborates with Johann Rupert, explores venture capital opportunities, oversees his record company or simply takes one of his fast cars for a spin.

Stanford also co-founded the Silicon Cape initiative, a non-profit, community-driven movement that aims to turn the fertile Cape into Africa’s own Silicon Valley.

Facebook page.

café caprice boy auction: for girls only & for a good cause

It’s a known fact that this is thee best and only way to celebrate Women’s Day every year, and when you see the line up of boy candy on offer, you’ll make sure you’re in the house, bidding paddle in hand,on 12 August 2012.

What’s more is that this night of indulgent fun is for an amazing cause – all money raised goes to Sisters Incorporated, which is a safe haven for abused women and their children in Cape Town.

Gather up your girls, decide how much you’d like to all donate to the cause, and bid away! The highest bidder for each guy wins an incredible hamper and a group adventure date after the night.

For table bookings and group boy purchasing details, email

Find out more about Sisters Incorporated at their website

sumptuous women’s day tea at cape grace on 9 august

The Cape Grace Hotel is the place to be on Women’s Day, when the stunning Signal Restaurant plays host to a sumptuous tea in aid of Sisters Incorporated. Ladies are invited to an event that promises plenty of fun and pampering, talks/demos from some amazing sponsors, a delicious Afternoon Tea, lucky prize draws, pamper treats and goodie bags.

Sponsors include: Meloncino; City Grill; Greek Fisherman; Nigiro Tea; Origin Coffee Roasting; 1st for Women; Cape Grace Hotel; Chocolates by Tomes; Mangwanani; Miglio; the Toni Glass Collection and more.

The event takes place on 9 August at 1:30pm for 2pm and ends at around 4:30pm. Cost is R250 per person. Dress: smart.

For more information or to book email or or call 083 360 1330.

About Sisters Incorporated
Sisters Incorporated is a private welfare organisation that functions as a refuge for abused women and their children, as well as for single, pregnant teenagers and women considering placing their babies for adoption. The home offers accommodation, counselling, skills development, schooling, access to medical assistance and more.

Read more about the organisation at the website, which include a list of needs for anyone wishing to help.

Images: Cape Grace boutique hotel