a steal of a pizza deal at yourstruly

In April this year we revisited Yourstruly and shared a little about owner Dan Holland, the shop and how both have evolved since first opening. At the time we hinted at pizza evenings. A month later, they happened!

If you haven’t yet been, do yourself a favour. Tasty, tasty pizza with a variety of delicious, gourmet toppings. Check out the flyer below – it’s guaranteed to get your mouth watering – then marvel at their special deal. Two listed pizzas for just R100. A steal of a deal indeed!

021 422 3788
175 Long Street
Cape Town


hey brew, artisan coffee on the move!

How awesome is this? A team of vendors serving great artisan coffee to caffeine-deprived Capetonians at a deliciously affordable price. So how does it work? Hey Brew shares the deets.

We percolate our freshly ground coffee over a gas flame and it is immediately transferred to specialized high-pressure, super-insulated canisters. These are given to the Hey•Brew Baristas who have one mandate: to bring a fresh, hot cup of real coffee to consumers who want just that. The insulated canisters are capable of keeping the product hot for up to 4 hours but to stay safe we have a 90 minute product turnover, regardless of sales.

We don’t offer skinny vanilla lattes. We know our customers want real coffee that is actually on-the-go. No waiting in lines! So all our Hey•Brew Baristas ask is… “Black or White?”

The cups and sleeves are made from compostable material and the used coffee grind is stored and taken to Greenpop for use as fertilizer. It’s only a small contribution but we believe that it’s the small stuff that leads to real change.

The baristas are mobile, so while they are in the same spot every morning from Monday to Friday, they could be anywhere in the evenings and on weekends!

We love innovative businesses that create employment and offer benefits like share options that help employees grow with the brand. We love that the cups and sleeves are made from compostable material. We love that we can feed our fix on the go. We love the coffee. Way to go, guys.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to see when and where they’re in your hood.

the creamery café

Since opening two years ago, The Creamery has gained a huge following in and around Cape Town. Who can resist delicious ice-cream in an delicious, ever-changing flavours, made from local, sustainable ingredients. (Who would want to?) Until recently, we’ve had to get our fix at various markets and events around town.

Recently, though, The Creamery opened its very first dessert café in Newlands, where the always friendly staff serves up light breakfasts, tea, Rosetta Roastery coffee, milkshakes, hot chocolate and pressed juice, ice cream pints to take home, ice cream scoops to enjoy there, ice cream sundaes, waffles and desserts paired with ice cream.

The intimate space offers two small tables and counter seating inside and outside. The menu, like the ice cream flavours, changes based on seasonal ingredients purchased predominantly from local family farms. Right now, look out for desserts like Banana Split, Smores Sundae, Pink Lady Apple Crumble and Hot Half-Baked Cookies. In the scoop counter you’ll find limited edition late winter flavours including coconut rice pudding, jasmine blossom and naartjie choc chip.

The cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30am-7pm, and until 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the after-movie and post-supper crowds (thank you!).

The Creamery
Shop 4, Newlands Quarter
Dean Street, Newlands
021 686 3975

ad hoc artisan coffee carts

In our opinion good coffee deserves a food group all of its own. It does more than just fuel our days; when we’re approaching deadlines at B-guided, coffee is often our sole food source. Which perhaps explains why we are as passionate about featuring new coffee purveyors as we are about the beverage itself.

If you were at Rocking the Daisies earlier this month you probably enjoyed some great coffee from the Ad Hoc artisan coffee. Ad Hoc’s excellent artisan coffee served from gorgeous Victorian style coffee carts, are available for festivals, markets, weddings – in fact, any event your imagination can dream up.

Ad Hoc’s motto is “Life’s too short for bad coffee”. Ours is, “Every event is better with good coffee.”

Check out their Facebook page, where you’ll find all the details and see some fantastic latte art at the same time.

freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door by cape coffee beans

David Lynch is credited with the quote, “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” One has to take the aforementioned quote in context (see below*), because he also says of coffee, it’s “A beautiful addiction.”

It is indeed, and Capetonians are lucky enough to live in a city that has embraced an artisan coffee culture and is home to a number of superb roasters. Unfortunately, we are not all in a position to explore every roastery and every coffee shop in order to fully indulge our addiction. And let’s face it, while we often want to explore the myriad choices on offer, without a fairly extensive knowledge of beans and brews it can be intimidating.

But, like coffee, the internet is your friend and it happened to introduce me to a recent initiative, Cape Coffee Beans.

Founder Phaedon Gourtsoyannis is of Canadian – Greek – Belgian heritage, has travelled extensively and lived, inter alia, in Belgium, Canada, the US, the UK and, as of two years ago, Cape Town.

As a food, wine and coffee lover, Cape Town was a perfect fit, and with his extensive background in e-Commerce it didn’t take too long for Pheadon to combine his experience and his love for coffee into an exciting initiative that allows you to explore the local coffee culture and have the freshest beans delivered to your door – anywhere in South Africa.

What I love about the Cape Coffee Beans website is that Phaedon and his team share detailed info about each carefully selected roastery, what makes their coffee good, and why Cape Coffee Beans has chosen to make it available, resulting in both education and the desire to try something new.

Cape Coffee Beans is an online destination where you can explore coffee in all its caffeinated – and, if you swing that way, decaffeinated – glory and choose a selection to try, whether a firm favourite or something new. They currently stock 12 brands and will slowly add more as they experiment, taste, savour and finally share.

A few things to note:

You are buying beans, not grounds, because the experience and flavour sensations of grinding then brewing is something everyone should experience. In many cases it is a meditative ritual worth savouring. That said, as an addict myself, I firmly believe there are times when it is all about the much-needed caffeine hit, so shortcuts are allowed.

Secondly, you are not going to receive your beans within 24 hours of ordering. While Phaedon will be exploring express delivery in the future, right now they ask you to factor in a delivery time of up to a week. This is primarily driven by the fact that they collect beans from the relevant roaster only once an order is received, ensuring that the coffee you receive is as fresh as it would be if you were collecting from the roastery yourself. But given that I live half way between a small town and a tiny village, and it took my plumber two days to find my home, I am more than happy! City folk, on the other hand, will be only too glad of the convenience of door-to-door delivery.

Besides the coffee selections, you can buy affordable grinders, coffee makers, Aeropress and Hario equipment and accessories, as well as gift vouchers for the coffee lovers in your life.

As a (Cape Town) city girl living in the country, all I can say is: Excuse me for a minute, I need to go and order some coffee.

Find Cape Coffee Beans on the web, on Facebook and on Twitter

  • David Lynch quotes:

I like cappuccino, actually. But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all. New York has great water for coffee. Water varies all around. We’ve got to drink something. Do you just drink water, sometimes? It’s very good for you.”

If you turn away from them [cups of joe] for one second, they go cold on you.”

I’d have coffee, sometimes six cups, along with the shake, and I’d have sugar in my coffee. By then I would be pretty jazzed up, and I’d start writing down ideas.”

Explore David Lynch at The City of Absurdity

The Foodbarn Deli

With an holistic and vibrantly new age approach to food and all things delicious, The Foodbarn Deli is not only a restaurant, a brilliant catering option for any and all events as well as a jam packed deli containing everything your taste buds could ever yearn for, but it is also an existence of beautiful. All the food on offer in the deli is of the best produce as well as the most beautifully presented, the same can and is said for the restaurant and the manner in which all their catering is done at every event that they have catered for. The Foodbarn deli is a food emporium that welcomes every type of taste, no matter how finicky the taste is. Continue reading “The Foodbarn Deli”

Coffee Twists and Tricks

It is a fact that a world war would begin without coffee, and amongst coffee lover women it is said that the best sort of men are like coffee, they’re rich, hot and if need be, will keep you up all night. However a good cup ‘o joe is no longer what it used to be, it has fast become shrouded in the craziest kind of culture, driven by the love of caffeine and all the awesomeness that it carries. We all know how to throw together our own precise amount of coffee and depending, milk and sugar, however the following tit bits to entice your taste buds will change the way you espresso your love for coffee forever.

  • Caffeine I scream!

The first and foremost on the list is as cold as ice-cream, and it looks just like it. You will need popscicle moulds, 2 cups of rather strong coffee, ¾ cup of cream for the tips and sugar to add for taste. Before you begin sweeten the cream to your taste. Pour enough cream, approximately ¼ of the mould should be cream. Freeze the cream until solid. Next sweeten the coffee, and pour this in to fill the rest of the mould and insert your ice cream sticks. Remember to unmould your coffee popscicle wonders, simply fill your basin with luke warm water and submerge 80% of the moulded coffee splendour. It should pop right out of the mould.

  • Fantastic Foam:

There are very few people who do not sincerely appreciate perfected foam on top of almost all their favourite coffee delights. There are also very few people who manage to perfect the foam time and time again. This trick will make you a foam connoisseur and see your mornings topped with a fluffy fantastic foamed coffee to brighten every day. You need a jam jar, a microwave and the secret ingredient, 2% or low fat milk. Fill the jar with as much milk as you would use to fill your coffee normally, make sure to screw the lid on tightly, then shake vigorously for 30 – 60 seconds until foam appears, unscrew the lid and microwave on high for approximately 30 seconds. Voila! Stabilised thick foam to be spooned out and perfect that morning cuppa Java.

  • Ice cube perfect:

This idea can be used across so many platforms, from smoothies to iced coffee. The problem with home made iced coffee is that it usually ends up tasting watery and in turn ruining the very idea of anything coffee related. The super secret is making your ice cubes that youre going to use for your iced coffee into specially filled tasty blocks of awesomeness. You will need cream, coffee and perhaps sugar to taste, or what works excellently and is a healthy alternative to sugar, is agave syrup. Blend these together into a large jug that will hold enough to ice the amount of cubes that you require. Pour into the ice cube moulds and freeze. Use them instead of using normal water ice blocks and your experience of iced coffee will never be the same again.

  • No coffee grinder, no problem, use your blender.

There are a million such twists and tricks when it comes to the worlds favourite beverage. Coffee making is truly an art, but also a personalised play thing that could keep one entertained for hours. It is all in the taste, bringing out the better side of ourselves. As the largely misunderstood and definitely not loved the world over Jonathan Swift put it, “Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philisophical.”

La Bottega Restaurant

Woodstock, Cape Town has become a revamped artistic hub of absolute awesomeness, nestling the most incredible gems of the Western Cape, La Bottega is a gem to top the list. La Bottega mixes all the epic greatness of everything Italian with a spin of the beauty and the vibe of South Africa, coupled with an incredibly simplistic yet beautiful décor and friendly staff, not to mention the heavily packed food and beverage menu which tantalises the tongue and fancy of everyone who tries it.

Continue reading “La Bottega Restaurant”

Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

Cape Town winters are quite cold and unpredictable, there are stormy days mixed with days of drizzle that make you wish that the african sun would show its face once more. Cape Town accommodates very well for the cold and dreary and there are many wondrous things to go and do to bring back the joy that a summers day brings without question. Below are the top 4 favourite things to do with your woolies and beanies on: Continue reading “Things to do in Cape Town in Winter”

Jason Bakery

Its fresh and it has personality. When you think of a bakery, you think of worn out chefs with anger issues that hide away for fear of attacking the customers who are always right with a french loaf, or you think of the South African, Ouma’s pantry that started a small bakery and thought it would be a better place to be than in front of the television, or even a place that smells good, has good produce but it’s a buy and leave relationship, well Jason Bakery has none of that except that it smells like a mixture of heaven and all things heavenly and everything they have on offer is exceptionally awesome.

Continue reading “Jason Bakery”