bean there opens in cape town

Although the official launch is happening next week, Bean There’s Cape Town Roastery opened its doors this week. Click on over to one of my favourite sites, I Love Coffee, where Cindy Taylor shares more photographs of this much-anticipated roastery, as well as details of how you can enjoy some excellent – and free! – fairtrade coffee!

Bean There can be found at 58 Wale Street, Cape Town.
Tel: 0861 999 962
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7:30am to 4pm.


Images: Cindy Taylor, reproduced with permission

winter menus to warm body & soul

Moroccan-inspired Rick’s Café has not one, not two, but three fireplaces to keep you warm, but even better are the daily lunch specials for R45. The menu changes weekly and to make things really easy the website lists the daily options for the whole of June, so you can really plan ahead and choose your favourites or make a point of trying something new.

The special is available any time between 11am and 5pm, but if time is of the essence, you can phone ahead and pre-order; they’ll have your meal waiting for you. All pre-booked lunches also come with a free glass of wine or cappuccino and free WiFi!

Find Rick’s at 2 Park Rd, Gardens or call 021 424 1100

Hemelhuijs is celebrating winter with a menu inspired by childhood memories. It’s all about comfort food done really, really well, which, as we all know, warms both body and soul. This intimate restaurant on the Fan Walk (between Bree and Buitengracht Streets) is a stylish yet relaxed haven, offering escape from the sights and sounds of the city, and where mouth-watering dishes created from the finest, freshest ingredients are served in gorgeous hand crafted vessels.

Find Hemelhuijs at 71 Waterkant St, Cape Town or call 021 418 2042

Artisan coffee (Deluxe’s organic blend) brewed to perfection and freshly made sandwiches, salads or pastries. Brew Mobile is easily one of the best places in town for a quick lunch break. And if you really don’t have the time to leave your desk, they deliver. Bonus!

An absolute must try are the deliciously indulgent chocolate brownies and at only R8-00 it’s practically a giveaway. Team it with hot chocolate for a double choc fix.

Find Brew at 2 Long St, Cape Town or call 073 929 6894

sneak preview of the new deluxe coffeeworks outlet

We’ve patiently waited for months since we first got word that Deluxe are to open a new roastery. And like a child on Christmas eve we couldn’t wait. Here is a little teaser of the new roastery. We didn’t want to give everything away and spoil the surprise, but we can tell you that it’s bigger, badder and more stylish than ever. There’s a wall-mounted bicylce rack and well, you’ll just have to wait and see… watch this space.

Words & images: Cindy Taylor

oasis in the ‘burbs at the mungo & jemima café

Looking for a quiet, outdoorsy spot where you can escape to enjoy a good cup of coffee and something sweet? Then you’ll want to visit Mungo & Jemima’s Café in Claremont.

Kirsty and Marian opened their second store in November of last year with the café offering following in early autumn. The shop is located across the road from Cavendish Square on Cavendish Street – keep an eye out for the bright pink gate. Behind the shop is a secluded little courtyard and this is where the café space can be found. They’ve got a super sexy espresso machine that sends out Deluxe’s houseblend alongside a small selection of pastries throughout the week and on Fridays Kirsty’s freshly baked, homemade delights. Think White Chocolate and macadamia nut cookies, red velvet cupcakes and chocolate fudge brownies. You can check which delicious bake will be served each Friday by taking a look on Twitter.

Wifi is available if you need to stay connected.

Open Monday to Saturday 9:30am – 5pm
6 Cavendish Street, Claremont
Parking available at Cavendish Square

Words & images: Cindy Taylor

your truly revisited

It was the 22 November 2010, two weeks after the opening of Yourtruly, that I first met and interviewed owner Daniel Holland. It’s now almost two and a half years down the line and you’ve most probably been to Yourstuly, and bumped into Dan, since but perhaps haven’t heard the story of just how this guy got to where he is…

Graphic designer by day, waiter by night. This is where Daniel Holland, owner of Yourstruly, was a year ago (2009). For six years, the idea of getting involved in coffee had been hovering at the back of his mind. Fed up with living like a “drone”, as he says, he decided to turn his dream into a reality. He quit his day job and began the hunt to find a small space where he could serve coffee, ideally through a hatch. He admits that he was optimistic but hugely naïve and had to go back to the drawing board a number of times. He was turned down twelve times before Lady Luck gave him a break with a spot on Long Street.

A lot has changed since Yourtruly first opened, and from sitting down with Dan over a cup of coffee this past week, it is clear that it is not only the interior that has developed but the owner, too. From a young starry-eyed buck that, in the nicest of terms, could be seen spinning in service and fretting about getting his bread orders right, there now exists a confident coffee shop owner and entrepreneur. Dan admits that his new year’s resolution was to stop sweating the small stuff and to just enjoy the moment. What came from that was a new found love for his little coffee spot. Most rewarding for him is the fact that Yourstruly is still such a popular spot; this past March was their busiest month ever. If he’s not in the shop he’s running or hiking on the mountain, surfing or skating; simply living life, really.

And without giving too much away, there might be something involving pizzas evenings in the pipeline… watch this space.

021 422 3788
175 Long Street
Cape Town


the blend revisited: gourmet food; great coffee

If Roeland Street is not on your list of city street to visit regularly, The Blend will make you change your mind. Their philosophy is simple: good gourmet sandwiches, good wholesome breakfast and good coffee for people on the go. Sound good? The reality is even better.

Firstly, the coffee. The Blend opened offering three of the city’s best local, artisan coffees from which to choose your morning caffeine fix. Their goal was to eventually offer a choice of six. Now, eight months later, you can find Deluxe, Bean There, Kupa, Origin and The Blend, a delicious blend made specially for them and available nowhere else. The sixth roastery will be announced really soon, perhaps even next week. My suggestion: follow them on Facebook and Twitter now, so you don’t miss the forthcoming announcement!

What makes their coffee taste even better is that it is ridiculously affordable, as is their food. Gourmet sandwiches with the most divine fillings – think roast beef; feta, avo, rocket & crushed nuts; roasted brown mushrooms on rye and more – are all between R35 and R45. With R10 takeaway coffee you could be good to go for less than R50. In 2013.

Breakfasts are a trip. A trip down memory lane. You’ll find childhood favourites like toast with jam, peanut butter, fish paste, Marmite or Nutella, as well as cereals like Cocoa Pop, Weetbix, Cornflakes and Oats. Remember anchovy toast? The Blend’s is done with real anchovies. There is Eggs in a Hole, Red Pepper Pesto and poached eggs on rye (yum!) or, if you’ve partied a little too hard on Friday evening, pop in on Saturday for the five filling omelette, a glass of orange juice and coffee for just R45. There’s also a fry-up that offers everything.

There are plenty of reasons to make Roeland Street a destination during the day. You’ll find them all at The Blend.

071 927 3031
79 Roeland St, Cape Town


hand roasted coffee at half price at café frank

On Monday 13 May Café Frank will unveil their new bean and to celebrate they are offering half price coffee from 7:30 to 9:30am every day for two weeks, including Saturdays!

Deborah and her team have spent weeks at UK-based Union Hand Roasted’s Cape Town roastery, learning all about Union’s superb organic beans, blends and how to make the perfect coffee. Deborah describes the coffee as a little bit different but oh so delicious. Pop in from Monday morning to taste their new blend. We recommend the croissant as a perfect accompaniment, but for those who need something more filling, the wheat-free granola is a must. And if you don’t have the time to linger over coffee and breakfast before work, all you need to do is call ahead and arrive in time to pick up a coffee and breakfast to go!

We think next Monday is going to be a lot less blue than usual.

021 423 0360
160 Bree Street, Cape Town


how to brew perfect coffee using the aeropress

Wet filter paper, and insert the filter cap onto the tube.

Rest aeropress over your favourite mug/stainless steel jug.

Add 18g/one heaped spoon (provided with aeropress) of filter ground coffee.

Pour in 250ml of just-off-boiling water.

Stir using a “north south east west” motion. NOT in circles and allow to brew for 90 seconds.

Plunge slowly (take about 30 seconds from top to bottom).

Pour and enjoy.

021 447 4099
Woodstock Exchange
66 Albert Road

_images by Cindy Taylor_

the daily grind

Think you could do your barista’s job better than he/she can? Here’s what Origin’s Joel Singer believes you need:

A serious love for coffee
“If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you are never going to pour a good cup of coffee.” It’s that simple.

People skills
A barista is the first smiling face people see when they enter a café. They are the first point of contact. Some baristas know exactly
what a customer is going to order when they walk through the door, including how they like it. This is known as the “Cheers Effect”.

Attention to detail
When making 300 cups of coffee, you need to pay attention to every cup. This takes a certain level of attention to detail. It’s a bit like ‘OCD’, but in a good way.

Self-motivation & drive
A barista course equips you with the knowledge and skills, but making an amazing cup of coffee, consistently, takes practice – a whole lot of practice. Think Malcom Gladwell’s ‘10 000 hour rule’.

Understanding the coffee and the machine
Before the coffee even gets to the machine the barista needs to consider things like grinding, tamping and dosage, after which comes understanding the machine and learning to manipulate it to bring out the best in the coffee. The more the barista knows the better his/her cup will be.

If you’re still convinced you have what it takes, try your hand at some latte art with this tutorial by Verve Coffee Roasters of Santa Cruz, California.

VCR Street Smarts #14: Latte Art from Verve Coffee Roasters on Vimeo.

Find out more about [Origin] and their passion for great coffee here.

the awakening pop up coffee cart

Like much in life, quality costs. For coffee lovers like Megan Bisschoff the cost of her daily fix was adding up to more than she was happy to pay. Convinced there had to be a better option for those who ordered their coffee-to-go, she set to work. Even coffee doesn’t help with the minefield of trading licences and the related bureaucracy, but the solution arrived in the form of two businesses new to Woodstock.

The Gear Change, a great new store trading in second hand mid to high end cycling gear supplied the site while local roastery KayRin, who just recently moved to Side Street Studios, supplied the coffee.

The Awakening is Megan’s answer to really good, really affordable coffee-to-go. Her new pop up coffee cart opened in Station Road this week, where she offered KayRin coffee for just R10. The kettle garden is free.

And what is a kettle garden, you may ask? Megan is passionate about gardening and incorporates plants and planting into whatever she does, including jewellery, like her moss rings and terrarium necklaces, so pretty plants in old kettles is all part of the pop up cart’s charm (as is Megan herself).

To keep up to date with future locations, follow her on Facebook and Twitter and if you know of a suitable location, or would like her to pop up in your neighbourhood, give her a call on 082 407 4190.